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DS5, front
DS5, front
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DS5, interior

THE DS 5 was the first model to carry Citroen's standalone DS badge in 2015 and it's a true executive car that really stands out from the crowd.

The unusual and good looking shape is complimented by a plush and well-equipped interior giving the premium feel that buyers of such cars expect.

And there are many lovely design touches like a heads-up speed display, switches above the driver's head and a clever traction control system.

The DS 3, 4 and 5 were all badged as Citroens until 2016, when the company made DS an entity in its own right.

And the avant garde look of the ‘5' follows Citroen's recent move to make all its cars shout their individuality.

This was a heavily revised update on the previous model with a reworked and updated range of turbo engines and hugely improved comfort thanks to a far better suspension setup.

Just two petrols are available but bear in mind that some engines are only available with particular trims.

There's a 165bhp version of the Peugeot/Citroen 1.6 THP turbo driving through a standard six speed automatic gearbox.

It reaches 60 from rest in 10.1 seconds so it's no slouch, and is rated at 47 miles per gallon.

The other petrol is a 2.0 THP with a manual ‘box that has 210bhp and sprints to 60 in just 7.8 seconds, while still managing 45mpg.

There are two diesel units - a 1.6HDi with 120bhp that's available with either manual or automatic gearbox, and two versions of the well known 2.0 HDi with either 150 or 180bhp

The manual 1.6 covers the sprint in 12.3 seconds but is rated at an excellent 70mpg while the 150bhp 2.0 manual brings that down to 9.6 seconds and 65mpg.

The 180bhp units comes with the six speed auto only, and gets to 60 in 8.9, while rated at 62mpg.

Finally, there is a diesel-electric auto called the Hybrid4. This has diesel drive to the front wheels and electric to the rears, giving four wheel drive. It has 197bhp in total and is rated at 72bhp with low emissions.

Handling and roadholding are very good in all models, with little roll through the corners and excellent grip.

And the ride is very good giving measured and sophisticated comfort over almost all surfaces.

There are three trim levels- Elegance, Performance Line and Prestige, all of which come very well equipped as standard.

Elegance gets an alarm, sat nav, climate control, parking sensors, lumbar support front seats and keyless entry and starting.

Upper models add an electric driver's seat and part or full leather upholstery and there are no extras!

Pay about £9,250 for a '16 16-reg 1.6BlueHDi Elegance, or £14,300 for a '19 19-reg 2.0 Performance Line BlueHDi 150 with start/stop.


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