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Mercedes-Benz E Class Saloon, front
Mercedes-Benz E220 d, side
Mercedes-Benz E Class Saloon, rear
Mercedes-Benz E220 d, dashboard
Mercedes-Benz E220 d, boot
Mercedes-Benz E220 d, rear seats

THE latest Mercedes E-Class is a technological tour de force - brimming with clever safety and the luxury owners would expect.

It's been around since 2016 and was updated with new engines and technology in 2020, but the basic essence of this great car remains its imperious comfort and superb sound insulation.

It's a car that is popular with people from all walks of life and from all around the world, be they taxi drivers or the chairmen of companies.

I knew a taxi owner in Hertfordshire a few years ago who had three of the diesels and they were all past 300,000 miles and still running sweetly.

This is a true five seater saloon or estate, and the saloon has plenty of space for three across the generous back seat and a decent boot that's only compromised somewhat in the hybrid models.

There are also coupe and cabriolet models - and these are the best looking four seat open tops on the market. There are also sporting AMG models, with storming performance from turbocharged V6 and V8 engines - but they also have very firm sports suspension and this makes them a lot less comfortable.

I'm basing this appraisal on the saloon and there is a model to suit every need or desire with a wide array of smooth and silky engines all driving either the rear or all four wheels through a standard nine speed automatic gearbox.

All the petrol and diesel engines have mild-hybrid electric assistance, and there are two plug-in hybrids capable of around 30 miles on battery power alone.

The E-Class offers a superb array of technology and truly class leading luxury that gives all its competitiors something to aim at.

That range of engines starts with the E200 petrol, which has 181bhp and can sprint to 60 miles an hour in 7.5 seconds, while rated at 39 miles per gallon.

The other petrol offering is the E300e plug-in hybrid, which boasts around 300bhp and can cover the sprint in 6 seconds. It's rated at 177mpg because it can do most local journeys on electric power.

Now we come to the diesels - which again all have battery assistance. They open with the E200d and that has 147bhp and is rated at 61mpg. It can reach 60 from rest in 8.1 seconds.

Next up the scale is the E220d with 191bhp, and this gets to 60 in 7.1 while managing 60 mpg.

The E350d, with around 250bhp on tap, brings the sprint down to a very quick 5.7 seconds and yet is still rated at 54mpg.

And finally, the range topping E300de hybrid boasts around 310bhp and is rated at no less than 235mpg, while covering the sprint in the same time as the 350.

If you really want to get to know this Mercedes, you'll really have to peruse the handbooks because there is so much technology built-in.

It has very sophisticated lane and cruise control that, while not actually being self-driving, will drive itself with no hands on the wheel in traffic, up to a speed of 37 miles an hour.

The dash is made up of widescreen displays replacing traditional dials, and these reach almost from one side of the car to the other!

They even include augmented reality sat nav and excellent voice recognition, so that the driver rarely has to touch a button.

Suffice it to say that all models are very well equipped as you would expect, and many available secondhand will have added kit from the huge extras list.

Just make sure you have all the toys you want before you buy.

Pay about £19,500 for a '17 17-reg E220d SE, or £41,100 for a '20 20-reg E300de hybrid AMG-Line.

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