Ferrari expands care


Ferrari extends care package
Ferrari extends care package
Ferrari extends care package

AN evolution of Ferrari's industry-leading range of aftersales assistance, extended warranty and scheduled maintenance services has been introduced to further tailor specific services for each stage of each car's life, from first delivery right up to the Ferrari Classiche Certificate of Authenticity for vehicles reaching 20 years of age.

The standard-settingseven-year Genuine Maintenanceprogramme, which offers scheduled maintenance for the first seven years after purchase of a new production car, will now be flanked by an option to extend the three-year factory-backed, all-inclusive warranty up until year seven for all new models from the 2015 488 GTB onwards.

It means that Ferrari owners can enjoy complete peace of mind for a full seven years.

The company also offers a separate, complimentary programme to the extended manufacturer's warranty from year three to year 15 of ownership.

CalledPower15, it covers engine, gearbox, transmission and all other major mechanical and electronic components.

Power15merges two previous programmes to provide a greater level of cover for cars right up to year 15. The extension option can be purchased by the owner of the car at any time for both new and pre-owned Ferraris, and is also transferable to subsequent owners.

In addition, Ferrari's seven-year scheduled maintenance programme on all production cars can now be extended from year eight right up to year 15.

CalledPower15 & Maintenanceit is combined with thePower15warranty programme to provide complete care, ensuring that cars are serviced to the highest standards, protecting their functional integrity for the longest period of any car manufacturer.

BothPower15andPower15 & Maintenancecan be renewed on an annual basis and offers servicing every 12,500 miles or once a year, with no mileage limitations.

Ferrari has also introduced a further extension to cover cars over 10 years of age. TheFerrari Premiumcertification programme includes a package of scheduled replacements of those parts that are most subject to wear and tear with technologically-advanced alternatives, along with certification of the car's condition.

As well as significantly extending after-sales cover for all its series-production sports cars, Ferrari has introduced an extended warranty on its limited-edition supercars, the 2013 LaFerrari and 2016 LaFerrari Aperta.

LaFerrari Powerprovides an additional two-year cover that can be activated at any official Ferrari dealership and extends the car's comprehensive factory warranty which covers, among other items, the HY-KERS hybrid system and high-voltage battery.LaFerrari Poweralso includes annual scheduled maintenance during which the car will undergo in-depth inspection by Maranello-trained technicians to guarantee that it is in proper working order.


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