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Ford e-Transit charging

FORD'S latest Go Electric report has uncovered that while there are more electric vehicles on the road, the UK's knowledge of electric vans still lags behind.

The report includes the views of 500 van drivers in the UK and found considerable gaps in their knowledge of electric vans and the benefits to their businesses, leading to barriers preventing full electric adoption.

This comes as the first jumbo E-Transits are delivered and the smaller E-Transit Custom is on the way.

Range anxiety is seen as one of the main concerns of van drivers, with the average range of an electric van thought to be under 70 miles. This is three times less than the actual range of the E-Transit, offering a range of up to 196 miles.

The pressures around time management continue, with almost half (44 per cent) of van drivers believing they wouldn't be able to fit charging time into their working schedule.

This may stem from a lack of charging options available, with only 20 per cent of respondents saying there are always charging points available at work, and more than half (52per cent) saying they don't have access at home. On top of this, only 42 per cent of van drivers said they knew how to charge an electric vehicle.

Drivers of company owned electric vans were concerned about being out-of-pocket with seven-in-10 (71 per cent) flagging they're unsure how they'd get reimbursed for electricity costs if they charged their company vehicle at home.

As the UK edges closer to 2030, when the ban on the sale of new combustion engine powered vehicles will come into force, cost still remains a concern among van drivers, with the outright cost of new vehicles (16per cent) being the biggest financial concern.

For businesses, almost one-third (29 per cent) stated that the initial infrastructure cost of introducing electric vans would be too much of a burden for themselves or their business.

In fact, recent statistics from the SMMT revealed that commercial vehicles account for 13 per cent of vehicles on the road (4,604,861), yet data from 2021 showed only 0.3 per cent were fully electric or plug in hybrids.


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