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Vauxhall Astra, full front action
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SOME cars are so plentiful on the secondhand market that you're spoilt for choice.

Late models of the Ford Focus, BMW 3-Series and Volkswagen Golf seem to be everywhere you look.

But there are also loads of the last model Vauxhall Astra to choose from with specs to suit most drivers from a very wide range.

It was launched in 2015 and production ended in 2021 so with regular updates its very close to all the latest models.

Its also very engaging and fun to drive while the five door and estate are also eminently practical as family transport.

Large numbers in all areas means that if youre interested in one secondhand, you probably have hundreds to choose from and so you only need to look at the very best.

Dont be fobbed off with one that comes without service history and if anything doesn't feel right, walk away with your money in your pocket.

Astras have a good reputation for reliability in the trade and they are also cheap to fix just about everywhere.

As well as the five door hatch, there is a five door Sports Tourer estate and the svelte GTC three door coupe.

Petrol engines are all turbos apart from the 100bhp entry 1.4. It's not particularly quick, taking 12.6 seconds to get to 60 miles and hour from rest, but ir can reach a very best of 50mpg.

The 1.0-litre turbo is a much better bet, with just five more bhp but loads more mid-range urge. It covers the sprint in 10.5 seconds and with standard stop/start and other fuel saving measures, it's capable of 64mpg with low emissions.

Next up the range are two versions of the same 1.4 turbo with 125 and 150bhp, getting to 60 in 8.6 and 7.8 seconds respectively.

These are quick cars, but they are still reasonably economical, both giving a best of 48mpg and low emissions driven carefully.

The performance flagship is a 200bhp 1.6 turbo with a top speed of 146mph and it gets to 60 in a scorching 6.6 seconds.

Yet even this stormer has a claimed average of 46 mpg and decently low emissions.

There are three versions of the same 1.6 Whisper diesel engine used across the Vauxhall range.

These give a choice of 110, 136 and 160bhp outputs, and even the slowest covers the 60 sprint in just over 10 seconds.

Add the companys Ecoflex fuel saving measures and its claimed to do no less than 85mpg and have emissions down to just 88g/km! Now thats fuel sipping!

This one is, perhaps surprisingly, great fun to drive, with a smooth and punchy power delivery.

The more powerful models are obviously quicker but less economical, so the 110bhp is the one to go for.

Focused suspension makes all Astras fun to drive, with decently weighted steering, excellent grip and safe handling.

They are also comfortable over most surfaces, while not quite matching the Golf or the Focus over the lumps, and come with lower than average insurance groups.

Inside, all have good levels of technology, and there are no less than 13 different models to sort out into the ones you want or can afford.

The range falls into six basic trim levels Design, Energy, Tech Line, SE, sporty SRi and Elite with special editions added in between.

Design comes with air con, heated electric mirrors, alloy wheels, stereo remote controls, traction control, four electric windows, cruise and loads of airbags.

SRi adds sports front seats and sat nav, and Elite has heated leather seats, alarm and heated mirrors.

Pay about £8,000 for an 18 18-reg 1.0T ecoflex Design, or £12,370 for a 20 20-reg 1.6 CDTi (110bhp) SRi Nav Ecotec.


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