Track spec for BMW


BMW M4 CSL, 2022, front
BMW M4 CSL, 2022, side
BMW M4 CSL, 2022, rear
BMW M4 CSL, 2022, badge
BMW M4 CSL, 2022, interior
BMW M4 CSL, 2022, BMW badge

BMW is to release a track-honed version of its M4 sports coupe with a restricted production run and a £128,820 price tag.

The M4 CSL has posted the best ever lap time for a BMW road car of 7:15.677 at the legendary Nordschleife circuit in Germany during testing.

Only 100 of the cars being produced will be available in the UK.

With a power hike of 40hp over the M4 Competition Coupe, the CSL's engine develops 550hp resulting in a 0 to 62mph acceleration time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 190mph.

Fuel economy is rated at 28.8mpg at best with emissions of 222g/km.

The M4 CSL is arriving as BMW marks 50 years of its M brand and with a carbon fibre roof, bonnet and boot lid is some 100kg lighter than the Competition Coupe.

As a two-seat model only the CSL also has lightweight carbon ceramic brakes, special alloy wheels and a titanium rear silencer and BMW says that track driving is its raison d'être.


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