Suzuki takes S-Cross

fully hybrid

Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, front
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, side
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, rear
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, interior
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, instrument panel
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, rear seats
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, boot
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, engine
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, drive control
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, display screen
Suzuki S-Cross Full Hybrid, 2022, badge

A FULL hybrid version of the S-Cross SUV crossover is joining the Suzuki line up making all of the models in the range electrified.

Using the same powertrain as the Japanese car maker has fitted to the larger Vitara, the latest S-Cross will be available in two trim levels with prices starting from £26,749.

Higher specification Ultra models - which are all-wheel-drive and fitted with navigation as well as a nine-inch display screen - cost from £31,549.

The full hybrid uses a 1.5-litre petrol engine mated to an electrical system and in the S-Cross range it replaces the mild-hybrid automatic.

As such it develops 115ps which gives it acceptable performance and is officially rated at 54.3mpg for the front-wheel-drive version and 48.7 to the gallon for the Allgrip 4x4.

Emissions are 118g/km and 132g/km respectively.

Compared to the mild-hybrid model the move up to a full hybridised system elicits only a marginal improvement in fuel economy and in terms of performance it is not quite as quick.

Acceleration on the Ultra full hybrid automatic S-Cross we tried was 13.5 seconds 0 to 62mph and that's some 2.5 seconds slower than what the mild-hybrid offers. Top speed is 108mph.

Where the full hybrid scores is with its emissions which in the case of the two-wheel-drive version are the lowest of any S-Cross giving it wide appeal to business users.

The Ultra Allgrip S-Cross is not such an attractive proposition on the tax front but does come with plenty of kit for the price.

Equipment includes not only the likes of hill hold control to help its off-road performance but also a multi-mode drive set up to get the most from the traction.

Paddle shifters are fitted allowing for manual selection of gears while towing limits are 1.2 tonnes.

Officially, the S-Cross Ultra is rated at 48.7mpg overall and on our runs in the car we saw an average not far off that at 44.6 to the gallon.

Off-road work is a different story and that reduced fuel economy to the low teens.

Nevertheless, the S-Cross is competent is mucky conditions and a good match for the likes of the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and Peugeot 3008.

From a practical perspective the cabin is roomy and well finished with a good amount of room front and rear.

Boot space ranges from 293 to 665 litres and there is no compromise on capacity when the Allgrip 4x4 set up is fitted.

The latest S-Cross comes with a full set of driver aids ranging from adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alerts and lane keeping functions to - on the Ultra model - a sway warning and a 360 degree view camera system.

The full hybrid also sees Suzuki introducing its new App-based Connect system which allows users to receive notifications about the car's status via a smartphone. It can also show the vehicle's location remotely.

As with other versions of the S-Cross the full hybrid is being built at Suzuki's factory at Magyar in Hungary and the model is going on sale this October.


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