Bridgestone tyres

for BMW iX

BMW iX, 2022, side

TYRE company Bridgestone has applied its latest technologies and specialist expertise in supporting electric mobility to the development of bespoke tyres for the BMW iX, the company's first all-electric SUV since its pioneering BMW i3.

The ultra-low rolling resistance Bridgestone Alenza tyres feature a host of cutting-edge technologies that complement the BMW iX's performance and character.

The custom-engineered tyres feature Bridgestone's proprietary and lightweight ENLITEN technology to reduce tyre rolling resistance and weight by up to 20 per cent helping to keep the BMW iX's overall weight to a minimum, and delivering increased vehicle mileage as a result.

The BMW iX's EV-marked Alenza tyres also feature a specially-developed material compound and tread pattern, complementing the BMW iX's four-wheel drive transmission and eDrive Technology to deliver outstanding performance, extraordinary range and impressive acceleration.

The iX is priced from £69,905.


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