Genesis GV60 Dual

Motor Sport Plus

Genesis GV60, 2022, front
Genesis GV60, 2022, side
Genesis GV60, 2022, rear
Genesis GV60, 2022, interior
Genesis GV60, 2022, charging
Genesis GV60, 2022, boot
Genesis GV60, 2022, rear seats
Genesis GV60, 2022, badge

WHEN it comes to styling, the all-electric Genesis GV60 is a bit of showstopper, a car offering luxury, performance decent range a premium vehicle to match anything the established German and Swedish brands can offer.

It is like them inasmuch as they come at an eye-watering price, and a host of options available. This model has a price tag of £65,405, but the extra goodies took the price north of £71,000.

An upmarket Hyundai they have given the brand a clever, distinctive name, very much in the Toyota to Lexus mould and also the short lived Nissan to Infiniti premium brand.

It looks great with its quad lamps, large clamshell bonnet with distinctive, yet familiar badge and lower crest grille, together with stylish alloy wheels.

The coupe-like design has a striking side profile, and this model featured an unusual matt paint finish that still had a metallic look and Thunderbirds numberplate. It never failed to attract attention.

Packed with high-spec equipment too comprehensive to list, it offers cutting-edge technology and in this four-wheel drive twin motor model, supercar performance.

Innovations include the Preview-ECS which uses the front camera and navigation system to recognise potential bumps and potholes, like speed bumps, then adjust the suspension accordingly.

Another smart feature is a fingerprint authentication system which remembers individual settings such as seat position, phone contacts, navigation points and even speaker volume.

It is also the first in the stable to feature touch-controlled Connected Car Integrated Cockpit, a panoramic display that combines the instrument and navigation screen.

It receives real time updates on navigation and has smartphone connectivity via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There are three models to choose from:Premium; Sport or Sport Plus. The so-called entry at 48k is real wheel drive while the other two drive all four wheels.

The interior is pure class and the centrepiece is a the Crystal Sphere, which may seem a bit gimmicky, but Genesis say it is an important safety feature which indicates whether the ignition is switched on.

Once that starter is pressed, the sphere revolves around to present to the auto gear selector. Switch it off and it rotates back to deliver subtle ambient lighting.

It is housed on a "floating" console, which also contains a rotary controller for the touchscreen and other functions.

The interior is roomy and comfortable with high quality soft touch finish and comfortable and supportive powered leather seats. There is enough space for the rear seats to recline and they can also be folded to increase boot capacity from 680 litres to a capacious 1,580 litres, which can be accessed via the powered tailgate.

It is becoming a bit of a tired phrase these days, but performance from this 360 kW/490 PS dual motors on this model is electrifying. It delivers a maximum torque of an impressive 700 Nm, to deliver straight line speed to match most performance cars on the road. It is quick enough anyway, but hit the boost button and you are thrown back in your seat to reach 60mph in just four seconds.

All that power means demands maximum grip and stability and here the torque vectoring system sends drive to the correct wheels to maximise grip. Additionally, the electronic limited-slip differential adds control in treacherous road conditions.

The vehicle also offers a comprehensive list of advanced safety kit, including a host of warnings and alerts.

The claimed range is 289 miles, I got nearer 200, but that could have something to do with enjoying the sparkling performance too much.

To increase the range the regenerative braking system is operated by paddles behind the steering. There are four settings which gradually bring the car to halt without using the brakes, while at the same time pumping charge back into the battery.

The GV60 is compatible with standard, rapid and super-rapid chargers and with the latter can be charged from 10 per cent to 80 per cent in just 18 minutes.


Genesis GV60 Dual Motor Sport Plus

Price: £65,405

Mechanical: 490ps, dual motor driving all wheels wheels via auto gearbox

Max Speed: 146mph

0-62mph: 4 seconds

Combined MPG: 289

Insurance Group:49

C02 emissions: 0 g/km

Bik rating: 2%

Warranty: 5yrs/100,000 miles


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