Mazda CX-60 AWD


Mazda CX-60 Homura, 2022, nose, action
Mazda CX-60 Homura, 2022, side
Mazda CX-60 Homura, 2022, rear
Mazda CX-60 Homura, 2022, interior
Mazda CX-60 Homura, 2022, rear seats
Mazda CX-60 Homura, 2022, engine
Mazda CX-60 Homura, 2022, boot
Mazda CX-60 Homura, 2022, badge
Mazda CX-60, 2022, charging

MAZDA'S move into the upper echelons of the SUV market with its new CX-60 is set to be a game changer for the sector.

Not only does it offer yet another option in an already popular category of cars, but it also means a big challenge to the dominance of premier German manufacturers in that category.

It's the first time the Japanese car maker has opted to build such a large and up-market SUV and the first time it has produce a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

Power comes from a combination of a beefy 2.5-litre, four-cylinder engine and a 173bhp electric motor which, combined, gives an impressive 323bhp.

That's enough to give this big 4x4 a 0-62 miles per hour acceleration time of just 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph and ensure that it stays true to Mazda's sporting heritage.

The CX-60 has an electric range of just 39 miles so it won't appeal to everyone but will be well suited to anyone whose daily mileage is relatively low and has a home charging point.

It's equally beneficial to business users, because the low CO2 emissions means smaller benefit in kind tax payments.

Despite being new to our roads the CX-60 looks somewhat familiar because of its close resemblance to the popular Mazda CX-5, but the newcomer is dramatically larger all round - it's seven inches longer for starters - and will challenge the likes of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC.

With its high stance, steeply raked windscreen, muscular haunches and deep black grille it's certainly got plenty of kerb appeal.

The interior too is visually appealing with an upmarket feel thanks to leather upholstery, stylish trim and a high driving position giving good all-round vision.

There's a 12.3-inch colour infotainment screen sitting high on the dashboard for all on-board activities as well as the satellite navigation system.

When reverse is engaged you get a split screen with one third showing a bird's eye view and two thirds showing the view behind the car. It's one of the best I have come across and makes parking the CX-60 simple even in the tightest of spots.

The car is available in three different spec levels with the Homura grade model, driven here, being the middle one of the three.

It boasts a wide range of special features, including 20-inch black alloy wheels, body coloured wheel arch mouldings, a dark plated signature wing grille surround, gloss black mirrors and honeycomb grille.

It also features Mazda's clever Driver Personalisation System, which is perfect if there is more than one person in the family who is going to be driving it.

Like something out of a James Bond film the system recognises whoever is sitting on the driver's seat using facial recognition and automatically adjusts all the relevant settings such as seat position, steering wheel, mirrors, head-up display, climate control and even sound control settings to that individuals' physique and personal settings.

As you would probably expect of a car of this price it comes with keyless entry and exit as well as keyless start and a powered tailgate, beneath which is an impressive 570-litre luggage area.

Get behind the wheel and you have a wide choice of driving modes including, Normal, Sport, Off-Road, Towing and EV.

There's an 8-speed automatic gearbox as well as paddles behind the steering wheel for hands-on driving. Use them in Sport and the CX-60 is a surprisingly fast mover for a car of almost two tonnes.

There is some body roll on fast corners but it's containable and you soon begin to enjoy what is a very refined, sophisticated ride.

And while so many plug-in hybrids tend not to produce much battery charge while on the move the CX-60 does, which means excellent mpg.

I was regularly getting around 44 miles per gallon and on one journey recorded 80 mpg. It's a long way from the official 188.3 mpg but as with all plug-in hybrids that tends to be a very fanciful figure.


Mazda CX-60 AWD Homura

Price: £48,170

Mechanical: 323 bhp, 2,488cc, 4cyl petrol engine and an electric motor driving all wheels via eight speed automatic gearbox

Max Speed: 124 mph

0-62mph: 5.8 secs

Combined MPG: 188.3

Insurance Group: 44

C02 emissions: 33 g/km

Bik rating: 14%

Warranty: 3yrs/60,000 miles


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