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Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, front
Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, nose
Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, side
Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, rear
Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, interior
Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, rear seats
Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, boot
Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, front
Volkswagen ID.5, 2022, tail

VOLKSWAGEN'S first electric SUV-coupe, the ID.5, is seen as playing a pivotal role in the brand's nine-strong SUV family.

That's because it follows several stablemates in displaying qualities not normally found together - such as style and practicality, performance and sustainability, value and equipment.

Like its siblings the ID.3 and ID.4 the ID.5 doesn't sport the most inspiring of names, though it does possess the presence and driving range to make it a compelling package - even if the purchase price is north of £50,000.

Just a single 77kWh battery is available, with a choice of 174, 204 or 299PS power outputs, and you can pick from five trim levels called Style, Tech, Max, GTX Style and GTX Max.

With concerns of range anxiety never too far away when electric models are discussed, the ID:5 has an impressive official driving range of 315 miles, though we were unable to match that figure - possibly due to the combination of a heavy right foot and excessively cold weather - posting a return closer to 290 miles.

That's a high number nonetheless and it's worth recording that the ID.5 is also Volkswagen's first vehicle to feature something called a bi-directional charging function.

It means the car can feed electricity it doesn't currently need back into the customer's home network and, in future, will also be able to return power to the infrastructure when possible.

Charging takes 29 minutes to 80 per cent capacity using a 135kW rapid charger, seven hours 30 minutes to 100 per cent at an 11kW charging point or, most sensibly, 12 hours 40 minutes using a home wallbox.

While GTX serves as the flagship trim level - providing extra performance and the benefit of four-wheel drive - our tested version was the Style model with 204PS Pro Performance.

And it comes exceptionally kitted outy with the likes of Matrix LED lights, 19-inch alloy wheels, a full glass roof and the ‘Discover Max' 12-inch infotainment display all included.

There's also an intuitive voice control system and the latest version of Volkswagen's ID: software, which facilitates over-the-air updates.

In fact, so extensive is the standard kit that only a few extra cost options are available, such as paint colour, infotainment package, three-pin mains charging cable, a swivelling towbar (£890) and an energy efficient heat pump (£1,050), the latter pair of which were included with the test model.

As for space you get a very airy cabin with plenty of room up front, plentiful headroom due to a high roofline and sufficient space for three across the back.

A centre rear passenger can sit comfortably without any leg or foot restriction, though the flat seating position is slightly perched, and the suede-effect upholstery - with ID.5 embossed in the front seats - is actually made of vegan leather and ArtVelours microfleece.

Otherwise the interior design is lifted by various piano black inserts along with an alloy dashboard strip and door openers, while the touchscreen is also fringed in gloss black.

Interior stowage comprises a deep partitioned and lidded central compartment, wide door bins, a glovebox, mobile phone charging tray, a pair of cupholders in the front plus a flip-down rear armrest incorporating two more cupholders.

The boot is also large at 549 litres but quite shallow due to the need to store charging cables below a flip-up section, but the capacity rises to 1,561 litres with the rear seats folded.

Safety and convenience kit is also comprehensive with gear like fatigue detection, traction control, a full suite of airbags including a central airbag that prevents front seat passengers colliding, Park Assist Plus including memory function for repeat manoeuvres and Car2X, a system that enables the car to exchange information about local hazards with other vehicles.

Smooth and stable with plenty of agility and the benefit of a heated steering wheel for cold mornings, this rear-wheel drive ID.5 is an enjoyable and spirited car.

Its acceleration is instant and there are three drive modes of Eco, Comfort and Individual plus a separate mode for increasing the degree of regenerative braking.


Volkswagen ID.5 Style Pro Performance


Mechanical:204bhp, 77kWh battery plus electric motor driving rear wheels via automatic transmission

Max Speed:99mph

0-62mph:4.8 secs

Combined MPG:315 miles

Insurance Group:33 (1-50)

C02 emissions:0g/km

Bik rating:2%

Warranty:8yrs/100,000 miles

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