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Audi Q3, front
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Audi Q3, rear
Audi Q3, interior
Audi Q3, boot

THERE is a plethora of SUVs on the market now - most of which don't have four wheel drive.

This is because dealers have found that it's not a strong buying point for customers who, if they have done their research, realise that it will almost certainly cost more to run because of higher initial price, lower economy and higher emissions.

Some drivers of course, who need to be able to get around whatever the worst of the weather throws at them, will need the all wheel drive ability.

But most simply want the height and size of the SUV around them and will never even venture onto a grassy field.

Many secondhand buyers might think that a premium car like the Audi Q3 was out of their price range but with values for five year old cars down to around £18,000, they could well be wrong.

The latest Q3 was launched in 2018, with a choice of six power units - three petrol, two diesel and a petrol/electric plug-in hybrid.

Lower order cars come with front wheel drive and a six speed manual or seven speed automatic gearbox, while mid and top models have the company's well-known and excellent quattro 4WD with standard automatic.

Petrol engines, all designated TFSI, start with the 35, which has a 150bhp 1.5-litre and reaches 60 miles an hour from rest in 9.2 seconds. It can do 44 miles per gallon at very best, with 143 grammes per kilometre carbon dioxide emissions.

Then comes the 40, a 2.0-litre with 187bhp that brings the sprint down to 7.4 seconds. Economy is 39mpg and emissions are 164g/km.

Finally comes the 45, again a 2.0-litre but now boasting 227bhp and getting to 60 in just 6 seconds. Economy stays the same at 39mpg and emissions are only slightly worse at 167.

The two diesels are designated 35 and 40TDI. The 35 has 148bhp from a 2.0-litre and can reach 50mpg with 123g/km emissions, while the 40 has power pushed up to 187bhp and brings the sprint down to eight seconds, again while managing 50mpg. Emissions go up to 145g/km.

Finally comes the hybrid 45TFSI e. This boasts better than 140mpg average economy and emissions of less than 50g/km but it's still no slouch, using both a 1.5 petrol and electric motor to make a total of 242bhp, and give a sprint of just seven seconds.

It mainly uses the electric motor for town driving, and can do a maximum of about 31 miles on that alone.

Entry Sport models, which have smaller wheels and softer suspension will probably be the most comfortable, together with top Vorsprung trim, which has adjustable adaptive suspension.

Both of these also handle the corners with great ease and excellent safety.

S Line and Edition 1 cars have bigger wheels and tyres and sports suspension and while the level of roll is less and the handling generally sharper, the ride suffers quite badly becoming unsettled over poor surfaces and thumping through the worst potholes.

Sport trim is already very good, and includes everything you would expect plus parking sensors, sat nav, audio remote, climate control, sports seats and cruise control.

Edition 1 models add 20 inch wheels, heated and electrically adjusted leather seats with lumbar support and headlight washers.

Pay about £20,700 for an '18 18-reg 35TFSI Sport or £41,700 for a '21 21-reg 40 TFSI Vorsprung quattro automatic.


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