Bentley Blower races


Bentley Blower Continuation Series Car Zero, 2023, front
Bentley Blower Continuation Series Car Zero, 2023, side
Bentley Blower Continuation Series Car Zero, 2023, rear

THE first car of Bentley's Blower Continuation Series - Car Zero - is set to follow the history of its ancestor by racing at a series of events during 2023.

Blower Car Zero will take to tracks in the UK, France and Belgium in a set of races that will test its performance and endurance.

The Blower Continuation Series - the first pre-war continuation series ever created - has been built by hand using a combination of modern laser-scanned data and original drawings.

Both the blueprints and the 3D data were taken from the 1929 4½-litre supercharged Team Car #2 - the most famous Bentley in the world, and one of the icons of the Bentley Heritage Collection.

It is 93 years after that car competed at Le Mans and Car Zero will assume the original Blower's mantle and race to win - including at the Circuit de la Sarthe, in what will be the first Bentley works car to race at Le Mans since the Speed 8's victory in 2003.

Modifications to allow Blower Car Zero to go racing include the installation of a rain light, wing mirrors, towing points, a fire extinguisher and a battery isolation switch.

Blower Car Zero will compete at three tracks in 2023 starting at Donington Park on April 29 and 30 followed by Le Mans from June 29 to July 3 and at Spa in Belgium from September 28 to 30.

Eight of the 12 continuation series Blowers have now been delivered with the remaining four still being built.

Paul Williams, Mulliner's chief technical officer responsible for the models, said: "By going racing with Blower Car Zero, we will prove the performance, authenticity and durability of our continuation series by taking on the original competition, and give our customers confidence that they too can take their continuation cars to the track.

"We've already proved the quality of the engineering within the car by completing a tough test of several hours at race pace around Goodwood, and it's now time for the car to be unleashed for real racing. We'll take the learnings from this race programme and apply them to the upcoming Speed Six Continuation Series, for which the first engineering car is in build now."

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