Summer debut for new

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot E-2008, 2023, front
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, side
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, rear
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, interior
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, display screen
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, centre console
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, boot
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, front, detail
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, front, badge
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, badge
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, front
Peugeot E-2008, 2023, front

A NEW Peugeot 2008 SUV will be arriving in the summer and it will cater for all tastes with petrol, diesel and all-electric powertrains on offer.

Restyled and featuring the latest Peugeot badging and design, three trim grades will be available with prices to be announced soon.

The car has become a best-seller for the French brand and the new model is set to build on that success.

As with the previous model, the new 2008 will be available in Active, Allure and GT specifications with four powertrains - two petrol, one diesel and a new electric motor.

The line-up will be expanded in 2024 to include a hybrid version which will be fitted with a 136 bhp PureTech petrol engine, coupled with a new six-speed dual-clutch electrified gearbox that includes an electric engine.

The new E-2008 will use the same motor Peugeot has fitted to the new E-208 and E-308 hatchbacks and it comes with 15 per cent more power at 156hp.

Range is increased to 253 miles from 215 miles and recharging to 80 per cent capacity is said to take 30 minutes from a fast charger.

The new 2008 will also be available with two three-cylinder 1.2-litre PureTech petrol engines developing either 100 or 130bhp and a 130bhp BlueHDi 1.5-litre diesel engine.

Both petrol models will have six-speed manual gearboxes as standard with an eight-speed automatic abailable on the higher powered engine and the diesel.

New-look lighting layouts are fitted front and rear while the car features the new and wider Peugeot badge.

Inside, the Peugeot i-Cockpit has been modernised and now features a 10-inch digital instrument cluster on Allure and GT versions while all models have a 10-inch central touchscreen.

The characteristic piano key swicthes below the central display are retained for easy access to key functions as is the compact steering wheel design which improves line-of-sight visibility for the driver.

Grip control is another feature and comes with driving modes for sand, mud and snow.

The new 2008 has now has three USB-C sockets as standard with two in the front and one in thre rear while a further USB-A outlet is fitted in the rear on Allure and GT versions.

In the Active version, the 2008 still has its USB-C socket at the front, while the E-2008 also has a USB-C socket and a USB-A socket at the rear.

Uprated smartphone chargers are available for faster charging while the car can also be fitted with high-definition parking cameras.

Driver safety and convenience features include adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, active lane departure controls, traffic sign recognition and blind spot alerts while the traffic sign recognition system has been expanded to include stop signs, one-way, no overtaking and end of overtaking signs.

At 4.3 metres long and 1.97 metres wide, the new car has the same external dimensions as before with boot space of 434 litres with all seats in use.

The new 2008 is produced at Peugeot's Vigo plant in Spain.


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