Suzuki goes for

flying cars

Suzuki signs flying car deal, 2023

SUZUKI has signed an agreement with SkyDrive Inc about cooperation to make flying cars.

Based at Toyota City, SkyDrive will establish a 100 per cent owned subsidiary to manufacture ‘flying cars'.

Suzuki and SkyDrive will use a plant owned by the Suzuki Group in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, and aim to start the manufacturing of ‘flying cars' around the spring of next year.

Suzuki will also cooperate with SkyDrive's manufacturing subsidiary in preparing for the start of manufacturing, including the securing of human resources. Specific terms of the agreement will continue to be discussed and will be agreed on separately.

Suzuki president Toshihiro Suzuki said: "I'm very excited to be working together with SkyDrive. We will make ambitious strides toward the development of products of superior value, so that we can contribute to the realization of air mobility, which utilizes the sky for daily transportation."


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