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Jaguar F-PACE, 2021, side
Jaguar F-PACE, 2021, front
Jaguar F-PACE, 2021, rear
Jaguar F-PACE, 2021, interior
Jaguar F-PACE, 2021, gear lever
Jaguar F-PACE, 2021, seats

A BIG slice of what sets the Jaguar F-Pace apart from the competition is the beautiful, up-market ambiance of the luxurious interior.

Sitting in this car is an occasion - something to be savoured - with leather upholstery and wooden door cappings in the true English coachbuilding tradition that no-one else in the class seems able to match.

This wonderful interior feel is unsurpassed by any of the German offerings, and most F-Paces have the leather plus electric adjustment and heated front seats.

R-Sport trim also includes sat nav, traction control, audio remote, climate control, parking sensors and a rearview camera, cruise control, lane departure warning and a large touch screen that works beautifully, along with very good voice actuation in many models, to control almost everything.

The F-Pace has been carrying all before it in the SUV class, winning many accolades along the way.

And it certainly looks the part out on the road - big and butch with the high driving position so beloved of many drivers today.

I have been lucky enough to drive a fair few of these lovely machines and thoroughly enjoyed everything about them.

The ride is wonderful - apart from some bump-thump over potholes and drain covers from the huge 20 inch wheels and tyres.

Although even bigger wheels are available, I would give them a miss because they are not needed, they don't look any better and they spoil the comfort.

Despite it being an SUV, this is a Jaguar, and so good roadholding and handing are a must. They are brilliant!

The steering is spot on and full of feel at all speeds, and the grip and roadholding are superb, with little roll to spoil the balance through fast corners.

This is a wonderful car to spend time in and few are quicker for a trip from anywhere to anywhere away from the motorways.

Obviously, all have an automatic eight speed gearbox, and four wheel drive (4WD) is also standard across the range. But although it has the credentials and ability for off-roading, few owners are ever likely to do so.

Most on the secondhand market seem to be diesels - for obvious reasons - and will have the same 2.0-litre Ingenium engine in various stages of tune and turbocharging.

The lowest power output is 165bhp and this one reaches 60 from rest in 9.6 seconds with a fuel consumption of an excellent 58mpg.

Next up is the same engine with 180bhp and this covers the sprint in 8.1 seconds and is rated at 54mpg.

This is followed by a 240bhp version that brings the sprint down to 6.8 seconds and is capable of 43mpg.

And finally there is a 3.0-litre V6 diesel that boasts 300bhp and covers the sprint in 6.2 seconds with 47mpg economy.

Petrol models start with a 2.0-litre that has 250bhp and brings 60 up in 7.1 seconds. It's capable of 38mpg - a little more than the 400bhp 3.0-litre that comes next. This sprints to 60 in an excellent 5.2 seconds and can do 32mpg.

Finally comes the range-topping, tarmac shredding SVR, with a 550bhp 5.0-litre V8 up front and a 0 to 60 time of 3.9 seconds! That's true supercar territory - but you'll need deep pockets because economy is 24mpg at very best.

The automatic gearbox has five selectable driving modes - Normal, Eco, Sport, Manual and Ice and Snow, but the majority of owners will find that normal does everything they could possibly want.

Sport makes things a little more urgent and manual selection is by paddles fitted behind the steering wheel, but there always seemed to be enough in the Normal setting for me.

The F-Pace is superb and takes its rightful place in the Jaguar line-up.

Pay about £20,700 for a '19 19-reg Prestige D180 diesel, or £46,500 for a '21 21-reg HSE P250 petrol.


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