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MINI digital display, 2023, display
MINI digital display, 2023, display screen
MINI digital display, 2023, display screen navigation
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MINI digital display, 2023, display screen speedometer
MINI digital display, 2023, display screen options
MINI digital display, 2023, interior, speedometer
MINI digital display, 2023, interior, navigation mode
MINI digital display, 2023, interior, drive mode

MINI will be blazing a trail of technology with its new models that will feature OLED instrument displays, a new software system and driver experience modes that generate their own sound and light patterns.

The new systems were unveiled in Munich where MINI also introduced its Intelligent Personal Assistant which enables either the driver or front seat passenger to control important functions by voice command.

There's also a special series of settings called the Go-Kart Mode with their own light and sound displays to enhance the car's famed handling characteristics.

Stefanie Wurst, head of the MINI brand, said: "We are taking a massive leap into the digital world with the new MINI family and, in so doing, underscoring the charismatic heritage of the brand. The iconic central display in the new MINI family is round and will be filled with round content for the first time. I am convinced that the digital power of the new models will delight MINI customers around the world."

The iconic round display screen in the centre of the facia will become an OLED multi-function unit with a 240mm diameter and colourful LED output. MINI calls the display the MINI Interaction Unit.

Other features include what MINI calls a sound design for all-electric models which gives new driving sounds inside, a brand sound to distinguish the car from the outside and a series of jingles as well as 30 new sound signals with information and warning functions.

There will also be the option of a light projectoron the back of the central screen which bathes the dashboard in colours and patterns to match the selected drive mode of which there are eight choices. The presentation of content in the optional head-up display is also adapted accordingly.

Other features are:

TheMINI Intelligent Personal Assistantwhich is activated by the spoken command "Hey MINI" and can be used with the "MINI" or optional "Spike" visualisations. The Personal Assistant allows customers to control important functions by voice command, enables travel-related requests or wishes and recognises whether it is the driver or front passenger currently speaking.

A new, cloud-basedMINI Navigationsystem which provides fast and precise route calculation. The latest map data is always streamed live into the vehicle. Andcharging-optimised route planningmeans drivers of fully electric MINIs can take on their longer journeys with peace of mind. The optionAugmented Viewoffers drivers a live video stream in the MINI Interaction Unit, with extra information added for optimum orientation for navigating. Customers can choose from various map designs and also activate an appealingvisualisation option featuring 3D buildings.

TheMINI Connected Storeprovides optional access to a wide and ever evolving range of practical and entertaining apps, such as AirConsole gaming, music and video streaming.

Digital vehicle access with compatible Apple, Google and Samsung devices while the optionally availableMINI Digital Key Plusoffers the driver flexible access to the vehicle, without having to take their smartphone out of their pocket. The key can be passed on to other people digitally using the sharing function.

High-Speed connectivityand optional5G-capability as well as remote software upgrades via over-the-air software updates and the MINI Operating System 9which is an in-house development by the BMW Group and is based for the first time on an Android Open Source Project software stack.

Frank Weber, BMW AG's director of development, said: "We are presenting our all-new MINI family with a unique technology package. It is based on the latest tech stack from BMW and brings a very specific MINI flavour to signature brand-defining functions such as the Experience Modes and the voice assistant. The result is a display of cutting-edge digital fireworks with a sharp eye for detail."

The technology is set to arrive on the next generation of the MINI Cooper EV.


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