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THE latest Kia Proceed - now a sporty looking estate they call a shooting brake - stands out from the crowd in one very important way.

It has no extras - you simply buy the model that includes everything you want. How sensible and fantastic is that.

No quibbling with the dealer over reversing sensors or sunroof, bigger alloys or better trim - it's all down to the model.

And this means that when it comes to buying secondhand, you can be sure you're getting exactly what you want.

The Proceed's sweeping roofline looks brilliant and hides a long useful boot that is only marginally smaller than in the standard Ceed estate.

One diesel engine and three petrols are available, and most recently I drove the 1.4T-GDI turbo petrol, which boasts 138bhp of very quiet and refined power.

It's good for a 0 to 60 miles an hour sprint of 8.8 seconds and can do 46 miles per gallon.

Next in line is a 1.5T-GDI that boasts 158bhp and reaches 60 in a very good 8.3 seconds while rated at 44mpg.

And the range topping GT model has a 1.6T-GDI petrol unit with 201bhp that brings up the sprint in just 7.2 seconds and is still capable of 43mpg - as long as you keep your foot off the loud pedal.

This one comes with a standard quick shifting twin clutch automatic as standard, but this is also available on the others even though the standard 'box is a six speed manual.

All are front wheel drive, as you would expect, and the engines are so refined and quiet that they are almost inaudible most of the time. That's quite an achievement in a standard family hatch or estate.

The urge under the right foot is brilliant in all, with plenty of pull in the mid-range, just when you need it for overtaking - if you ever get the chance on our increasingly clogged roads.

It's also tremendously capable through the bends and corners, with top drawer handling and wonderfully tactile steering.

The level of grip seems to have no limits unless you try to bend the laws of physics, even when the roads look more like rivers.

Here then is a family car that drives like a hot hatch. It also rides a little like a hot hatch, with firm suspension that feels almost every ripple in the surface at town speeds.

Things get more comfortable the faster you go, but many of the road's imperfections are still transmitted through to the occupants.

Ride quality would be improved by smaller wheels and higher profile tyres, as it can be on many cars.

Inside there's good legroom for four, or five at a pinch, but the low rear roofline can affect headroom for taller passengers.

The Proceed is stylish and capable and doesn't give away much in the way of practicality.

And of course, it comes with a seven year transferable warranty on top of the excellent GT-Line standard equipment I already mentioned, which includes sat nav, alarm, traction control, parking sensors front and rear, and heated seats with lumbar support.

It also has alloy wheels, audio remote control, loads of airbags, lane departure warning, cruise control and 60/40 folding back seats.

Pay about £14,400 for a '19 19-reg GT-Line 1.4T-GDI petrol, or £23,550 for a '22 22-reg GT-Line S 1.5T-GDI automatic.


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