Ford develops

Mustang GTD supercar

Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, front
Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, side
Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, rear
Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, nose
Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, tail
Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, exhaust
Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, front wing vents
Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, tail
Ford Mustang GTD, 2023, rear wing

THE most powerful road going car ever developed by Ford has been unveiled ahead of going on sale late in 2024.

The Mustang GTD is based on the GT3 model Ford intends to enter in the Le Mans 24 hour race next year.

With a target power output of more than 800hp, Ford is aiming at a sub-seven minute lap time at the Nurburgring in Germany and says the new Mustang has been designed to take on the best of European sports cars.

It will be built in Flat Rock, Michigan, before being finished of at the Multimatic facilities in Canada - home of the company which developed the Mustang GT3, Mustang GT4 and the Ford GT which has already won at Le Mans.

The GTD name refers to the IMSA "GTD" racing class for cars that are built to FIA GT3 technical regulations.

Production of the Mustang GTD will be limited and pricing is expected to start at around £235,000.

With plenty of carbon fibre in the bodywork, a suspension that adjusts spring rates and ride height for track or road use and active aerodynamics, the GTD is powered by a 5.2-litre supercharged V8 engine.

Jim Farley, Ford president and chief executive, said: "Mustang GTD shatters every preconceived notion of a supercar.

"This is a new approach for us. We didn't engineer a road car for the track, we created a race car for the road. Mustang GTD takes racing technology from our Mustang GT3 race car, wraps it in a carbon fibre Mustang body and unleashes it for the street." â¯â¯â¯

Boot space makes way for the suspension equipment while the car sits on massive wheels with the front tyres as wide as the rear tyres on the Ford GT at 325mm. The rear ones measure 345mm.

Fitted with Brembo carbon ceramic brakes and an eight-speed dual clutch transmission, the GTD also has a variable traction control system designed for track use.

Inside, the cockpit features Miko suede in the trim, Recaro seats and a serial plate which is made out of titanium parts from retired Lockheed Martin F22 fighter jets, while the rear seats are removed to save weight and add luggage space.

"Mustang GTD represents the very best of Ford Motor Company and what our team needs to do every day," added Mr Farley. "This is what happens when we take what we're good at and push the boundaries to see where the bubble stops. It represents the essence of the transformation we're going through at Ford, from software to special edition cars."â¯â¯â¯


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