Neue Klasse shows

BMW's future

BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, side, action
BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, nose
BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, front
BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, side
BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, side, doors open
BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, rear
BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, tail
BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, interior
BMW Vision Neue Klasse, 2023, interior

A NEW look for BMW models has been revealed with a design concept called the Vision Neue Klasse that gives a strong hint of how the next generation of vehicles from the Bavarian brand will appear.

The concept was seen at the IAA Mobility 2023 International Motor Show in Munich and shows BMW's plans for an all-electric 3 Series-sized model due for release in 2025.

With classic BMW traits such as the kidney-shaped grille and the Hofmeister kink of the side window, the car debuts a new electric powertrain that is said to offer 30 per cent more range and faster charging.

"The BMW Vision Neue Klasse combines our ability to innovate in the core areas of electrification, digitalisation and circularity," says Oliver Zipse, BMW chairman. "The Neue Klasse is already bringing the mobility of the next decade to the roads in 2025 - and leading BMW into a new era."

With more curves in the body, a fresh design for the front and tail lights, large panoramic sunroof and wide opening doors, the Neue Klasse is sharply styled.

Inside, conventional switchgear has been reduced to a minimum with voice control and a new head-up display set up that runs across the whole width of the windscreen providing information for both the driver and front seat passenger.

Content can be moved from the central display panel into what BMW is calling its Panoramic Vision system by gesture control.

There's also more room in the rear of the car thanks to a new way of attaching the front seats to the floor.

The Neue Klasse features the sixth-generation BMW eDrive technology which uses round battery cells that have 20 per cent higher energy density than the previously used prismatic cells.

BMW says overall vehicle efficiency is improved by up to 25 per cent with 30 per cent increases in both range and charging speed.

Frank Weber, who is responsible for development at BMW, said: "30per cent more range, 30per cent faster charging, 25per cent more efficiency - the Neue Klasse represents a major technological leap that will take EfficientDynamics to new heights. The same applies to its design - which could not be any more futuristic.

"With the Neue Klasse, we have embarked on the biggest investment in the company's history. We are not just writing the next chapter of BMW; we're writing a whole new book. That's why the Neue Klasse will certainly impact all model generations."


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