BMW uses AI to help


BMW Proactive Care, 2023, phone
BMW Proactive Care, 2023, in car, display screen
BMW Proactive Care, 2023, in car, phone

A CUSTOMER care service that uses artificial intelligence is being introduced by BMW.

The Proactive Care system includes new tools and offerings that allow the vehicle to identify existing and predictable service requirements itself, so that in many cases it can anticipate the customer's needs and proactively offer solutions.

BMW vehicles have already been sending service-related data directly from the vehicle to a BMW dealer following confirmation by the customer for several years, and in this way enabling targeted interaction between customers and BMW dealers.

Up to now, it was still the customer who had to approach BMW themselves - now BMW is proactively approaching the customer.

Users can be notified either by a message in the My BMW app, via an in-car notification, via e-mail, by their preferred handler or by a telephone call from Roadside Assistance and the service includes digital tyre diagnosis, fault messages in the vehicle, service requirements and the like.

Proactive Care is available for all BMW models with BMW Operating System 7 or later and all customers need is an active BMW ConnectedDrive contract, and to register their vehicle in the My BMW app or in the My BMW portal with their BMW ID and store their contact details.


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