New Kia EV charging


Kia EV9, 2023, charging
Kia EV9, 2023, charging

KIA is rolling out a new way of charging its electric vehicles with the arrival of its Plug&Charge service.

It will be available on the new Kia EV9 large electric SUV and on all of its EV from there on.

The charging technology allows Kia customers to connect their EV with any Plug&Charge capable public charging station without any additional identification or intermediate step needed to start the charging process, as authentication is fully automated.

With the introduction of Plug&Charge to its EVs, Kia says it is offering the latest in fast, secure, and convenient charging technology.

Up to now, Kia EV drivers first needed to verify their account at the charging point before initiating charging, which was usually done with either an RFID card or via mobile app like Kia Charge.

The fully secure Plug&Charge service utilises an automated exchange of digital certificates between car and charger, which identifies the customer's account and associated charging contract with the driver's Kia Charge account.

Using the Plug&Charge technology, users can simply disconnect their car once charging is complete and drive away, while the payment will be added to their monthly bill in accordance with the terms of their contract.

The system is fully compatible with the Kia Charge mobile app which provides charging point locations among its services.


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