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Hyundai Ioniq 5
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KOREAN car maker Hyundai is right at the forefront of electric vehicle innovation and its range of supergreen cars is selling well around the world.

That's not really surprising when cars like the Ioniq 5 have such a wide range of attributes that they win numerous international awards.

The big five seat crossover - which really certainly stands out from the rest of the EVs on the market - was named World Car of the Year, World Electric Vehicle of the Year and World Car Design of the Year in 2022.

Accolades from the experts are one thing, but how would it suit your family and lifestyle? Well it comes with rapid charging capability that enables a range of 62 miles to be added in just five minutes, and the range on a full charge is between 240 and 300 miles depending on battery and power output.

On top of that it has a huge interior and is very comfortable over any kind of road surface.

It's really more of a large hatch than an SUV - even though upper models come with all wheel drive (AWD). There is simply not enough ground clearance to take it into any kind of rough country.

At about two tonnes in weight, the Ioniq is very heavy because of the large batteries under the floor that provide the power.

But placing them under the floor means there is more interior space, and they give the car a very low centre of gravity, which helps tremendously with handling and roadholding.

Ride comfort is also excellent over most surfaces absorbing the worst our roads can throw at it with ease.

With electric power, the 5's performance off the line is instantaneous but this is a car which is much more about comfort, and that comfort is the same around town as it is covering long distances on the motorway.

Safety is excellent - just as it should be - with a five star rating from Euro NCAP - thanks to a wide range of passive and active assistance systems that will keep you safe in the majority of situations..

Power choices start with a 125kW electric motor that has 167bhp.This has a range of 240 miles and covers the zero to 60 miles an hour sprint in 8.2 seconds.

Next up the range is a 160kW unit with 213bhp and a range of 300 miles no less. It covers the 60 sprint in 7.2 seconds.

The AWD 225kW models come with 300bhp, which gives them a blistering 0 to 60 time of 5 seconds, and a range of 286 miles.

And the range topping 239kW units have 320bhp which is enough for a sprint of 4.9 seconds and a range of 298 miles.

Inside, the driver gets an array of large useful screens, switches and touch panels all within easy reach. Unlike some other recent cars, it's set out in such a way that it's not too intimidating - a lovely compromise.

There is loads of storage around the cabin, and all have USB and 12 volt sockets wherever they might be needed.

Standard kit is excellent and includes a wireless phone charger, climate control, parking sensors, sat nav, audio remote control, electrically adjusted front seats with lumbar support and an alarm.

Pay about £24,800 for a '21 21-reg Premier 125kW, or £33,750 for a '22 22-reg Ultimate 239kW with AWD.


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