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Isuzu D-Max, 2023, side

WITH the winter season approaching Isuzu has announced its annual Winter Health Check, an initiative aimed at helping Isuzu owners ensure their vehicles are in peak condition for the challenging winter months.

Designed to promote safety maintenance and peace of mind, the Winter Health Check is conducted by technicians using specialised tools and diagnostic equipment tailored for Isuzu vehicles.

The check costs £19.99 exluding VAT and includes a 38-point inspection covering all vital components to guarantee the best possible performance throughout the winter season.

Though not a full service, the 15-minute Winter Health Check ensures that safety maintenance remains on track and the warranty remains intact, ultimately saving Isuzu drivers valuable time and money down the road.

Darren James, Isuzu's resources director in the UK, said: "Our annual Winter Health Check is an opportunity for Isuzu owners to proactively prepare for winter's challenges. With the expertise of our technicians and the specialised diagnostic tools, this check will ensure your vehicle is in the best condition to tackle any winter weather, and ultimately, enjoy a safer and worry-free driving experience."

The campaign will run throughout the winter season and starts on December 1, 2023.


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