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MG5 EV, 2023, front

THE MG5 EV has been awarded the maximum five-star rating by Green NCAP, the leading European independent emissions assessment programme.

The first model from MG Motor UK to be assessed by Green NCAP, the MG5 EV's performance is ranked across three core criteria - Clean Air, Energy Efficiency, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

An overall score of 95 per cent puts the EV amongst the top five models tested in 2023.

As a fully-electric model, the MG5 EV clearly scores full marks in the exhaust tests, rated 10/10 in Clean Air tests. In terms of Energy Efficiency, the MG5 EV was marked at 9.2/10 with three out of the four efficiency scores ‘good' - the top ranking - with the fourth only just missing out on the top grade.

The Greenhouse Gases tests brought about a result of 9.5/10, all of which combined saw Green NCAP award the MG5 EV its LCA Award, only the second car tested in 2023 to receive it.

This LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) rating allows drivers to compare cars' environmental impact from ‘cradle-to-grave', including the emissions costs in manufacturing, through its life-time usage, and finally to its end-of-life treatment.

Green NCAP awards it to the best-performing LCA-assessed models, and is intended to be a quick and clear way for car buyers to find vehicles with the lowest climate impact over its entire life cycle.

Guy Pigounakis, commercial director at MG Motor UK, said: "At MG Motor UK, we are extremely proud of the work done in electrifying our model line-up. Many of our EVs are award-winning models, but for the MG5 EV to be recognised by Green NCAP proves the lengths that we are going to in terms of engineering efficiency and eco-consciousness into our vehicles.

"Electric cars are an area of strength for MG Motor UK, and for independent assessors to ratify our efforts is great news for both us and our customers."

The MG5 EV Long Range is the second-generation of the popular fully-electric estate, which offers a maximum range of 250 miles on a charge.

Green NCAP is an independent initiative which promotes the development of cars that are clean, energy efficient, and cause as little harm to the environment as possible.

Green NCAP uses a broad range of tests to address flaws in approval tests and, through consumer information, rewards those manufacturers whose vehicles go beyond the minimum requirements and offer excellent, robust, real-world performance.


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