Renault teases new 5


Renault 5 E-Tech, 2023, charging panel
Renault 5 E-Tech, 2023, headlights
Renault 5 E-Tech, 2023, tail lights
Renault 5 E-Tech, 2023, wheel arch

RENAULT has released a series of teaser images showing various features of the new Renault 5 E-Tech which is due to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2024.

The French car maker says the new model put a modern, electric spin on the iconic Renault 5, taking it into the future.

The images show the vehicle's headlights which are designed in a similar fashion to the original, aerodynamic rear light clusters and wheel arches and an innovative electrical charge indicator on the car's bonnet.

The charge indicator sits on the bonnet in the spot occupied by an air intake on the orginal. When fully charged an illuminated number 5 appears in the panel.

Launched in 1972, at a time of social and societal turmoil, the Renault 5 shook up the automotive industry with its revolutionary approach.

The new E-Tech model is designed as a city car and measures just 3.92 metres in length with a range up to 248 miles.

It will be the first vehicle built on Renault's new AmpR Small platform and the new Renault 5 is fitted with multi-link rear suspension to aid stability and road holding.

Arnaud Belloni, global chief marketing officer for the Renault brand said: ""For the comeback of this icon, we wanted to reinvent the traditional vehicle launch. Little by little, we're unveiling the design of this retro-futuristic model, with a large-scale communication plan well in advance of the launch.

"Renault 5 is without a doubt THE ideal vehicle for this approach, since we're talking about the rebirth or even the reinvention of a legend, undoubtedly one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of the French automotive industry."

The 5 E-Tech electric will be the first production Renault vehicle to feature vehicle-to-grid technology which enables the car to supply energy to the grid.

Such technology will allow Renault 5 E-Tech electric drivers to save money on charging and cut their overall electricity bill, by selling electricity back to the grid.

The new model will have its world premiere at the Geneva show on February 26.


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