Honda unveils 0

Series EVs

Honda 0 Series Saloon concept, 2024, front
Honda 0 Series Saloon concept, 2024, side
Honda 0 Series Saloon concept, 2024, rear
Honda 0 Series Space-Hub concept, 2024, rear
Honda 0 Series Saloon concept, 2024, interior
Honda 0 Series Space-Hub concept, 2024, interior

HONDA has unveiled its 0 Series models - a new EV series the Japanese auto maker will launch globally starting in 2026 - with the world premiere of two concept models.

The Honda 0 Series SaloonandSpace-Hub crossover model were shown at the CES in Las Vegas.

Honda also showed itsnew H markto be used exclusively for the next-generation EV models.

Honda has been conducting business based on its Global Brand Slogan: The Power of Dreams - How we move you.

This slogan conveys the message that Honda will create mobility products and services which enable people to "transcend various constraints such as time and place," and to "augment their abilities and possibilities".

Honda is aiming to realise carbon neutrality for all products and corporate activities it is involved in by 2050.

The Honda 0 Series is a new EV series that shows how Honda is undergoing a major transformation in line with its electrification policy.

The series name represents Honda's determination in taking on this challenge of developing new EV series by going back to the starting point of Honda as an automaker and creating completely new EVs from "zero".

In 2026, Honda will begin introducing the first model of the Honda 0 Series globally, starting from North America, then to Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and South America.


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