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Hyundai Ohme home charger, 2024, Ioniq 6

HYUNDAI has appointed smart home charging business Ohme as its official home charging partner.

Ohme's smart chargers can connect with the grid in real time, automatically adjusting to optimise the cost of charge and accessing all the times of the smartest, greenest and lowest cost energy tariffs.

The partnership with Ohme is the latest move from Hyundai Motor UK in its approach to EV ownership, which makes owning, charging, and driving a Hyundai electric vehicle as easy as possible.

Ashley Andrew, president, Hyundai and Genesis UK, said:"With EVs now thoroughly mainstream, Hyundai is welcoming buyers of all ages and all levels of experience into their first pure electric car.

"Rather than put the burden of education on them, we're curating an ecosystem of services and offers that will do the thinking for them. We offer them a cost-effective way to charge at home, an easy way to plan out long journeys, a simple way to charge away from home and up-to-date accessibility and information on the status of their vehicles. With Ohme - one of the fastest growing smart charging companies in the UK - we've found an innovative partner that shares our vision of simplifying the EV ownership experience."

Using Ohme's unique software and technology can generate significant cost-savings over a year, without the need to specifically plug-in at times of low demand on the grid.

Running a Hyundai Ioniq 6 Single Motor RWD with its 77.4kWh battery and a range of 338miles from an Ohme smart charger on the Intelligent Octopus Go tariff, for example, could cost £116.80 for a year for an average UK driver doing 6,800 miles.

By comparison, charging on the Standard Variable Tariff would cost £451.62 for the same distance and an equivalent petrol car would be more than £1,200.

Hyundai EV and PHEV owners also have access to Charge myHyundai, an app which opens up more than 40,000 charging points across the UK - operated by many different charging networks - and over 640,000 charge points in Europe.


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