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Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris, 2024, front, action
Toyota Yaris, 2024, front, static
Toyota Yaris, 2024, side
Toyota Yaris, 2024, interior
Toyota Yaris, 2024, rear
Toyota Yaris, 2024, instrument panel

THE Toyota Yaris is getting an update which sees the option of a more powerful new hybrid electric powertrain, enhanced safety and driver assistance features and an all-new driver's instrumentation and multimedia system.

The Yaris now offers a more powerful 129bhp full hybrid electric powertrain, in addition to the established 114bhp set up.

It reaps the benefits of fifth generation Toyota hybrid technology to give sharper acceleration of 9.2 seconds 0 to 62mph - half a second quicker than the lower powered model. Top speed for both is 109mph.

The new engine is available on the newly introduced high specification Yaris Premiere Edition and GR Sport models which are priced from £28,925 and £28,805 respectively.

The 114bhp powertrain is fitted on entry-level Icon models now priced from £22,630, Design grade from £23,535 and Excel trim from £26,700.

Changes to onboard technology see either a seven of 12.3-inch digital instrument panel which can be set up in any of 12 displays.

The central multi-information display uses a 10.5-inch touchscreen and is available on GR Sport, Excel and Premiere Edition models and now has wireless integration for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems as well as a cloud-based navigation system.

Additional safety features include the latest generation Toyota Safety Sense driver assistance systems which include a new camera and radar which can scan further ahead and wider than before, increasing the scope for accident risk detection.

The car is also fitted with an Acceleration Suppressionwhich is a new feature that will intervene to slow any sudden acceleration of the car when there is a risk of a collision with a vehicle ahead as well as a Proactive Driving Assist which is designed to help avoid familiar accident hazards when driving at low speeds.

Changes have also been made to the car's adaptive cruise control and lane departure so that it will recognise when the driver has steered out of a lane when trying to avoid an obstacle.

Economy for the car ranges from a best of 70.6mpg for the lower powered engine to 67.3mpg for the new 129bhp model. Official emissions range from 92g/km to 96g/km.


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