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Kia Niro, 2022, front
Kia Niro, 2022, side
Kia Niro, 2022, rear
Kia Niro, 2022, interior
Kia Niro, 2022, rear seats
Kia Niro, 2022, boot

THE Kia Niro range has a model to suit every taste - even in electric transport.

This bigger-than-it-looks five door SUV also comes with the company's transferable seven year warranty, which is one of the best you can get.

It's shorter and lower than the Sportage that's next up the range, but also has a longer wheelbase, and this allows the company to claim class-leading interior space.

Unlike the majority of other hybrids, which use a continuously variable (CVT) automatic gearbox, this one uses Kia's own smooth six speed twin clutch auto.

The 1.6 turbo charged petrol engine common to two versions is very smooth and quiet, and the gearbox suits it to a tee.

There are self charging hybrid, PHEV plug in hybrid and fully electric choices in the range, and the earlier models from 2016-17 are now down to around £12,000.

The self-charging model uses the petrol engine already mentioned backed up by an electric motor and battery pack to help lower emissions and increase economy.

It has a total of 139bhp and covers the benchmark 0 to 60 miles an hour sprint in just over 11 seconds. It's also rated at no less than 74 miles per gallon economy, so it achieves great results.

Then we come to the plug-in hybrid, which has the same petrol engine and electric motor setup to negate any possibility of range anxiety, but a larger battery pack.

This also has 139bhp, but the larger battery can be charged at home to give up to 36 miles on electric power alone, economy is 202mpg officially and acceleration to 60 is down to 10.4 seconds.

Finally, the range topper is the fully electric Niro EV, and that has no less than 201bhp, giving 0 to 60 in 7.5 seconds.

It also has a very good range of 285 miles on one charge and when attached to a fast charger, has the capability of charging up to 80 per cent of battery capacity in just over 50 minutes.

The self charging hybrid's performance might seem unpromising, but in fact, it rarely feels slow out on the road.

The PHEV on the other hand delivers much more - easily enough for the majority of owners.

There's a decent kick-down in automatic and also a ‘Sport' setting for the gearbox - which actually turns it into a manual.

But performance is not what such a car is about. Economy, low emissions, low road tax and low business driver tax - that's what it's about.

Obviously, the automatic box makes all three very easy to drive, and they have a laid back feel that's just what many people like in their daily driver.

The seats are well-shaped and comfortable, and the ride is good over all surfaces, while at times - as is true of all hybrids I have driven - they feel a little heavy because of the extra weight of the battery pack.

Cornering is safe and sure with plenty of grip and surprisingly good handling, with decent feel from the electric power steering.

Interior space is excellent, with big legroom front and rear, and while the binnacle doesn't have a tachometer, it does have an energy meter showing how much electric power is being used, the level of power in the battery and more.

Interior quality is very good - right up to European standards - with soft-touch materials and quality switches.

The mid-range 3 model comes very well equipped, with premium DAB stereo, Bluetooth, Android Auto and wireless phone charging.

It also has alloys, climate control, an eight inch touch screen, sat nav with speed camera locations and traffic, reversing camera and sensors, leather upholstery and an electric heated driver's seat.

Pay about £17,700 for a '20 20-reg PHEV 3, or £19,200 for a '21 21-reg Niro EV 4 full electric.


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