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A NEW report published by Cupra in the UK has found that drivers believe electric vehicle ownership is inevitable.

The survey - which formed the basis of the report - of electric vehicle owners and non-owners revealed that seven in 10 people believe they will be driving a fully electric car within the next 10 years.

While the majority of drivers anticipate owning an EV in the coming years, the studyr by Cupra also revealed significant differences in perceptions between people who do not own an EV and those who have experience of EV ownership.

The survey researched the views of 377 drivers - as part of the Volkswagen Group brand customer panel - to examine the perceptions of those who own an electric car and those without real-world experience of EV ownership to identify the dividing lines among UK drivers.

One of the most significant findings of the report identified that once drivers made the switch to an EV, they are almost always pleased that they did. In fact, 94 per cent of Cupra EV drivers expressed satisfaction with their decision to transition to an electric car and none said that they would go back to a petrol or diesel car.

While charging infrastructure in the UK must continue to improve, when drivers were asked about charging EVs, only five per cent of Cupra EV owners were concerned about how charging affects their day-to-day routine - this compares to 37 per cent of non-EV owners.

Marcus Gossen, director of SEAT and Cupra UK, said:"Our white paper sheds new light on the factors affecting drivers' perceptions of electrification. It is clear that those who make the switch are happy they did, but that does not mean our work is done. The industry must continue to support and inform both current EV drivers and those yet to make the leap.

"We want to empower drivers and reassure them that sustainable mobility doesn't mean they have to compromise. With that in mind, our report provides a fresh understanding of the differing viewpoints, offering inclusive and informed discussion on the future of mobility."


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