Electric iOn lands

new award

Peugeot iOn, action

PEUGEOT'S latest electric vehicle the iOn has landed the 2010 Green Steering Wheel award in Germany, its third accolade there this year.

The iOn, which goes on sale in the UK in January, was chosen over 20 other low emission vehicles, short listed for their low environmental impact.

As part of the Golden Steering Wheel honours that have been running for 34 years, the iON was chosen by an international jury of automobile and environmental experts from a final shortlist of five finalists.

The car is the first new generation electric vehicle launched in Europe and has a range of 93 miles.

It will be marketed in the UK as an "all-inclusive" mobility offer consisting of a four-year, 40,000 mile lease contract costing £415 per month excluding VAT.

The contract includes servicing and maintenance as well as warranty cover for the vehicle, battery and electric powertrain for the period of the lease.

The iOn can be fully recharged from a standard domestic socket in six hours and average running costs are estimated at £2.50 per 120 miles.


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