Vauxhall Adam

Energised 1.2 -

First Drive

Vauxhall Adam Energised, side action
Vauxhall Adam Energised, front action
Vauxhall Adam Energised, front action 2
Vauxhall Adam Energised, rear action
Vauxhall Adam Energised, dashboard
Vauxhall Adam Energised, boot
Vauxhall Adam Energised, rear seats
Vauxhall Adam Energised, front seats
Vauxhall Adam Energised, dials

SOMETIMES isn't it nice to let someone make a decision for you?

There are days when life is nothing but a string of either/or choices and, frankly, you've had enough.

Well, this latest version of Vauxhall's chic little Adam will be right on your radar if it catches your attention while in car changing mood at the end of a rotten afternoon in the office.

For Vauxhall, which otherwise makes a terrific song and dance about the almost infinite number of versions of the Adam you can concoct from the options' list, has come up with a new no-choices model.

Well, not quite. You have five exterior colours to worry about, with worrisome names like Saturday White Fever and Let it Blue - honestly.

There is also the option of adding OnStar which includes a live link to someone sitting in Luton who will assist with everything from help after an accident to asking if you're OK should the car tell them an airbag has gone off, something it does automatically.

Now, this seems like a seismic shift from the never-ending options approach but, at £13,705 for an Energised version the Adam might make it easy to add a bit of style to your motoring world.

There is but a single engine to choose from, a not overly powerful 1.2 litre 72 horsepower petrol unit attached to a five-speed gearbox and providing a 103mph top speed and the stroll to 62mph in a leisurely 14.9 seconds.

With an official combined fuel consumption of 53.3mpg and a respectably modest 125g/km of exhaust emissions - so no car tax in year one and a trifling tenner thereafter - Vauxhall says the Energised is well suited to economical city driving.

Read into that an expectation that not everyone wants a car that turns Tarmac to molten jelly at the push of a throttle foot and you might be right.

Around town the car feels plenty athletic enough and, anyway, it won't be bought for the way it goes.

Vastly more important are looks, helped by big 17ins gloss black alloy wheels, tinted glass and a black roof; LED daytime running lights and LED tail lamps add a touch of bigger car glamour.

Inside, you'll find sports pedals, leather covered steering wheel and trim that matches the exterior colour.

The goodies count includes Bluetooth, air conditioning, cruise control and a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Now, you are probably expecting to hear that the Adam in this guise anyway, is a bit of a sluggard. Well, it's not, so long as you're prepared to use the gear lever with some enthusiasm.

Slopes - even quite modest ones -will have you changing down more than once to keep up your speed. Cruise control is going to have to work hard to maintain momentum uphill, where you'll soon be coming out of the system and changing down anyway.

Not much use for cruise control in town, where most Adams spend most of their lives.

It's in the city where a car like this shines, literally perhaps as a proud owner keeps the paintwork gleaming (there's nothing like a mirror shine on Saturday White Fever, after all.


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