SsangYong takes it

to the limit

SsangYong LIV-2
SsangYong LIV-2, rear

KOREAN brand SsangYong is planning to pull off a master-stroke - courtesy of a new large SUV model.

Called the LIV-2, the newcomer was revealed by company chief Johng-sik Choi at the Paris Motor Show.

The name actually stands for Limitless Interface Vehicle and is the next iteration from the LIV-1 concept exhibited at the Seoul Motor Show in 2013.

It will be powered by either SsangYong's own 2.2 litre diesel engine or its newly-developed petrol 2.0 litre GDi turbo.

The interior has been designed to create a contemporary executive lounge within a luxury, chauffeur driven limousine, with space to work or relax, and is equipped with a suite of advanced communication technologies.

They include an integrated communication system with three displays, wi-fi mirroring for devices, Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

Says Choi: "With Tivoli and XLV, SsangYong has demonstrated its ability to design and manufacture an all new car from scratch in record time, while also utilising its extensive knowledge to underpin the brand's reputation as Korea's leading SUV maker.

"With over 100,000 units now sold around the world, this car is helping to transform SsangYong.

"We are now going to do it again, this time with an all-new large SUV which will be launched next year. The LIV-2 is the final concept of our Y400 model, and already at an advanced stage of testing," he added.

"The LIV-2 showcases our luxurious approach to the extremely popular SUV concept, while also applying advanced technologies and high levels of safety."

Choi is confident this is going to be another landmark model - one which will take SsangYong to the next level.

And the plan is to add a new model every year for the next couple of years, each one designed to broaden appeal to customers in markets worldwide.


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