Renegade rocks on

Yorkshire Rubicon

Jeep Renegade, 75th Anniversary, off road, trail, front
Jeep Renegade, 75th Anniversary, off road, trail
Jeep Renegade, 75th Anniversary, off road, overhead
Jeep Renegade, 75th Anniversary, off road, slope
Jeep Renegade, 75th Anniversary, off road, front
Jeep Renegade, 75th Anniversary, off road, side
Jeep Renegade, 75th Anniversary, off road sign Yorkshire Rubicon Trail
Jeep Renegade, 75th Anniversary, display screen
Jeep, 75th anniversary badge
Willys Jeep, 2016, front
Willys Jeep, 2016, rear

AS Hoover is to domestic chores so Jeep is to the serious side of 4x4s.

Few brands attain generic status but in the case of the all-American legend it's just one of many accolades.

In the 75 years since Jeep first hit the scene it has championed the world - well most of it.

In military-speak those no-go territories are known as ‘unJeepable' and they are few and far between.

For the average Joe the Jeep is as good as it gets for conquering the wilderness and to mark its 75th anniversary we have just taken some of the latest offerings along a route where few would dare to travel.

In the wilds of the Yorkshire moors lies a boulder field akin to the rigours of the Rubicon Trail across the Sierra Nevada in California.

The Rubicon is where Jeep tests its vehicles to the extreme and for our venture we used the newcomer to the legendary off-road line up - the Renegade.

Decked out in Jungle Green to denote its membership as one of four special anniversary models Jeep has just released, the Renegade showed its mettle in no uncertain terms.

It may share its underpinnings with the more sedate-looking Fiat 500X from Jeep's new-found Italian parents but it is as hard core as they come.

The rocks below would have ripped the underside out of lesser vehicles yet in true Jeep tradition the Renegade took all in its stride.

With electronic all-wheel-drive and low gears engaged it can tackle the full gamut just as impressively as Jeep's more renowned SUVs - the Wrangler, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee.

The Renegade anniversary edition we drove was powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine mated to a nine speed auto box with a full set of low ratio gears for the severe stuff.

As such it tipped the scales at £30,450 and came with the best part of £2,000 worth of options including the anniversary paint job at £700.

It also comes with chunky looking birthday badges inside and out and other special touches such as bronze trim highlights on the body and silver aluminium wheels.

It looks the part and the cabin feels functional and business-like - a necessary trait given the conditions.

Ground clearance is a shade under seven inches but the wheel travel is accommodating and the Renegade is actually set up to tackle sharper angles than the bigger Cherokee.

The Renegade is surprisingly capable and even after many miles of off-road work it still showed a credible average of 37mpg.

Officially it is rated at 48.7mpg with emissions of 150g/km which is on the lean side for 4x4s.

The diesel is also Fiat sourced and the Renegade is built in Italy but its characteristics are classical Jeep.

With a towing limit of 1.5-tonnes, luggage capacity of 351 litres and a five seater cabin it is well equipped for a family adventure.

It also possesses some Jeep-only features dating back to the Willys creation of 1941 such as the vertical slatted grille, big round head lights and a tail lamp design that's a nod to the jerry cans you'd find strapped to the back of the original.

The Renegade may be the baby of the Jeep family for 2016 and the rocky trail across Yorkshire may have been nowhere as long as the Rubicon but in terms of endurance exercises it proved the new kid on the block won't let down the reputation built by its grandparents.


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