Ingenium turbo for

Jaguar F-TYPE

Jaguar F-TYPE 300ps, 2017, front, action
Jaguar F-TYPE 300ps, 2017, nose, action
Jaguar F-TYPE 300ps, 2017, rear, action
Jaguar F-TYPE 300ps, 2017, exhaust detail
Jaguar F-TYPE 300ps, 2017, side detail
Jaguar F-TYPE, 300ps 2.0-litre Ingenium engine

JAGUAR is broadening the appeal of the F-TYPE coupe and converntible with the introduction of a state-of-the-art four-cylinder turbocharged Ingenium petrol engine.

The pairing of Jaguar's all-aluminium two-seat sports car with the advanced 300ps 2.0-litre engine sees the latest F-TYPE fitted with the most powerful 2.0-litre engine Jaguar has put into production.

The engine is made at Jaguar Land Rover's multi-million pound powertrain facility in Wolverhampton and takes the home-grown family of Ingenium petrol and diesel engines to new levels.

Producing 150bhp per litre the new engine is one of the most powerful in the world.

In the F-TYPE it will be priced from £49,900, has a 0 to 60 acceleration time of 5.4 seconds with a top speed of 155mph.

It is also some 16 per cent more fuel efficient than the 3.0-litre, 340ps supercharged V6 F-TYPE and is officially rated at 39.2mpg with emissions of 163g/km.

The turbocharged Ingenium engine's high maximum torque of 400Nm, generated from 1,500rpm, together with an eight-speed Quickshift transmission, is said to deliver great response throughout the rev range.

The introduction of the four-cylinder engine comes at the same time as other changes for the 2018 model year for the Jaguar F-TYPE which will feature visual enhancements to give the sports car an even more powerful presence.

It will come with redesigned bumpers, together with optional full LED headlights.

At the rear the four-cylinder model features a single tailpipe to distinguish it from the twin central exhausts and quad outboard exhausts of the V6 and V8 models.Lightweight 18-inch wheels are also fitted.

The are changes to the F-TYPE's interior as well including lightweight slimline seats, a Touch Pro infotainment system and new chrome and aluminium trim finishers. A sleek frameless rearview mirror adds another contemporary touch.

Ian Callum, director of design at Jaguar, said: "Retaining the silhouette of F-TYPE across the model range is really important to us whether it's the 200mph SVR or the new 2.0-litre four-cylinder.

"This is a true Jaguar sports car and a true F-TYPE - we didn't want to dilute the design DNA. Even so, this car has its own unique character, and the new single tailpipe finisher exemplifies this."


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