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Citroen Relay car transporter, 2017, front
Citroen Relay car transporter, 2017, rear
Citroen Relay car transporter, 2017, ramps

THE Citroen Relay-based ‘Ready to Run' range of ready-bodied trucks and vans is being enhanced with the addition of a new car transporter conversion built by bodywork specialist Advanced KFS.

Based on the Relay ‘Back-to-Back' cab, which can be used for a wide variety of custom-built conversions, the latest Ready to Run car transporter combines a sturdy galvanized ladder-frame chassis equipped with a lightweight car transporter body and the Relay Back-to-Back cab.

As a result, the new Ready to Run car transporter can carry a wide range of vehicles thanks to the 1,541kg payload, depending on the options chosen for the bodywork.

The body features lightweight, yet heavy-duty ramps and non-slip surfaces on the vehicle deck, which is equipped with eight tie-down points to ensure that vehicles are transported safely and securely.

The vehicle is mainly constructed from aluminium, to keep weight to a minimum. The Relay's front-wheel-drive layout, combined with the Back-to-Back chassis, allows for a low loading height.

Standard equipment includes a tool locker, a pair of work lamps and a set of securing straps. Options include a recessed winch, a light bar equipped with emergency beacons and marker lights.

Like other Citroen Ready to Run conversions, the bodywork is covered by a three-year/100,000 mile warranty as with all Citroen light commercial vehicles.

The new Relay 35 BlueHDi 130 six-speed manual car transporter is priced from £31,995.


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