Upgrades for Skoda


Skoda Superb, 2017, front
Skoda Superb, 2017, interior
Skoda Superb, 2017, roof controls
Skoda Superb, 2017, display screen

SKODA has announced upgrades to its flagship Superb and Superb Estate cars which include additional security, comfort features and connectivity.

From June, the Superbs will come with Skoda's Care Connect system offers an automatic emergency call which is activated following an accident if a restraint system has been triggered.

When activated the vehicle establishes a voice and data connection to an emergency call centre and transmits all the necessary data. The emergency call can also be used manually via a button in the roof module.

In addition, remote access to the vehicle is now possible via the Skoda Connect App.

The smartphone system can inform the driver, among other things, whether the windows and doors are closed or the lights are off.

A parking position function shows the location of the vehicle, the "Honk & Flash" function makes it easier to find the car by activating the horn and hazard lights.

Another change is an upgrade in the infotainment kit which including the Columbus navigation system which has grown from eight to 9.2 inches.

The Superb now comes with a Skoda SmartLink+ system which can be used for networking between the vehicle and smartphone.

The SmartLink+ brings navigation, infotainment and communication apps from a mobile phone into the car and also provides vehicle data to be used for evaluation on a smartphone.

The park distance control system on the Superb now comes with an additional function called manoeuvre assist which now also detects obstacles in front of the vehicle.

The system warns the driver with optical and acoustic signals but also brakes the vehicle automatically if necessary.

As additional options the latest Superbs can be fitted with a massage function for the driver's seat, plus digital voice enhancement, which transmits the driver's and front passenger's voice to the passengers in the rear via a microphone in the cockpit.

As a further acoustic improvement the front side windows are now available with a spund deadening film between the two glass surfaces.


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