Aston confirms

electric Rapide

Aston Martin RapideE, side
Aston Martin RapideE

ASTON MARTIN'S all-electric RapidE will enter production in 2019 - less than two years after being unveiled as a concept

Set for a limited production run of 155 cars, RapidE spearheads development of the British brand's low and zero emission strategy laid out by Aston Martin president Andy Palmer.

RapidE sees a continuation of the collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering who worked on the original concept.

Based on the forthcoming Rapide AMR concept, RapidE will come with the four-door sports car looks and dynamics of the Rapide S powered by an all-electric powertrain replacing the six-litre V12 engine.

Aston Martin says that the instant delivery characteristics of electric motors means the RapidE will offer a unique driving experience of a kind not experienced before in an Aston Martin.

Dr Palmer said: "Having unveiled the RapidE concept back in October 2015 we reach another milestone with the confirmation that we are now putting the first all-electric Aston Martin into production.

"RapidE represents a sustainable future in which Aston Martin's values of seductive style and supreme performance don't merely co-exist alongside a new zero-emission powertrain, but are enhanced by it."

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