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Renault Wind Gordini, front
Renault Wind Gordini, front, action
Renault Wind Gordini, rear
Renault Wind Gordini, interior

RENAULT'S little Wind two seater brought a welcome change in the coupe-cabriolet market, but it didn't last very long - just two years from 2010 to 2012.

Its roof panel flips over to rest on top of the boot, where it's neatly covered by a lifting panel, making it much the simplest CC you can buy.

This means that boot space is pretty good - something which none of the other CC's can claim when the roof is down.

The roof and its simple mechanism also weigh very little, helping keep the car's weight to a minimum.

The Wind is a strict two seater based on the last model Twingo and its chunky shape seems at odds with a sportscar from some angles.

There were two engines to choose from - the manic 133bhp 1.6 from the Clio GT of the time or the 100bhp 1.2 TCe turbo.

I thought the bigger engine would be the best but actually the 1.2 turbo suits the car much better and is much easier to live with.

Despite having 32bhp less than 1.6, the TCe 100 produces its power at lower revs and pulls much more easily in the lower rev range.

It feels much more relaxed to drive than the 1.6, which has to be revved to dizzy heights to give best performance.

It does sound wonderful when you push it, but it's noisier than the 1.2 and much more manic.

The Wind was developed by the Renault performance division Renaultsport and it's very good to drive, as you would expect.

The steering is precise and positive, grip is excellent and there's real agility and very good balance through the bends. Yet the ride is also comfortable over most surfaces.

All the switchgear inside is familiar from other Renaults, but the seats are lower and have quite high sides, so visibility does suffer.

There are five trim levels, but mid range GT-Line has an excellent rage of kit, which includes alloys, remote audio controls, cruise, climate, front and side airbags, alarm, traction control, sports seats, height adjust driver's seat, and height adjust steering wheel.

It also comes with heated electric mirrors and part leather seat trim.

The Wind might not be the best looking sportscar on the market, but it's reasonable to buy and rarer than most, as well as being a great car to drive.

Pay about £5,000 for a ‘10 10-reg Dynamique S, or £6,500 for a '12 12-reg GT-Line.


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