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Swincar E-Spider
Swincar E-Spider, static

ARGUABLY the world's most odd looking off-roader is heading to Britain, with a price tag of £13,495.

The Swincar E-Spider, made in France and featuring separate suspension on each wheel, is hand-built on an aluminium chassis and described as suitable for leisure, agricultural, civilian and military use.

All of the Swincar E-Spider's wheels house an electric motor and each is suspended on long spider-like arms to allow for the different gradient under each wheel.

Its UK distrubutor Pocket Classics says the E-Spider can travel up and down inclines as steep as 70 degrees, through snow, and across ditches diagonally, all while keeping the driver vertical.

Powered by a Lithium-ion battery pack, which delivers around four hours of charge and up to 60 miles of driving, it can reach a top speed of around 18mph on a flat surface.

The E-Spider is said to be very simple to manoeuvre courtesy of hydraulically assisted four-wheel steering along with paddle-operated acceleration and braking. No gear changes are required.

Pocket Classics chief James Cooper said: "This is the first time the Swincar E-Spider has been available in the UK, and it offers a completely unique and exciting off-road experience unlike any other in this country.

"The boundaries of adventure are almost limitless, and we expect demand to be extremely high as it's such a novel product."

The E-Spider is not road-legal in the UK, and is targeted at individuals aged eight years and over.

The £13,495 priceincludes VAT but not delivery and it is available to order from the distributor's website.


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