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THEhalf-a-barn size of the Audi Q7 gives it more presence than a medium truck.

So if you want to be noticed, it's the only car that can compete with the Range Rover and even then it only comes a close second.

However, these behemoths corner better than most off-roaders and still give a superb ride that is right up there with the Range rover in every way.

This handling and cosseting superiority comes courtesy of standard air suspension and the quattro four wheel drive system (4WD).

And unlike the Range Rover, it comes with seven seats as standard, making it more useful for larger families.

Precise steering and standard automatic gearbox make the big Q quite easy to drive and manage in confined spaces and they have the feel of a smaller vehicle.

Best buy is the 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel which is refined and quiet and almost as smooth as most petrol engines.

The petrol choices are 3.0-litre and 3.6 V6s and a 4.2 V8, but these are really for die hard petrolheads.

There are also 4.2 V8 and 6.0-litre V12 diesels, but they are rare and less economical than the 3.0-litre.

This is available with 204, 215, 241 and 268bhp at different times, giving fairly low emissions and 45-plus miles per gallon.

Earlier models have a six-speed automatic while after 2014, it is an eight-speed. All have normal, sport and manual modes, but as I usually say, the automatic is so good, very few owners are ever likely to use the manual.

The Q7 is not meant as an off-roader like the Land Rover stable, more a large MPV for lugging the family around complete with all their kit.

Post 2015 cars were up-dated and made considerably lighter, improving performance and economy. The diesel V6 was also revamped for improved efficiency.

Performance is good in all and brilliant in the most powerful. Even in 3.0-litre diesel will reach 60mph from rest in eight seconds or less.

Inside, comfort and ambiance are excellent and really, the only downside is the MMI climate/stereo/sat nav screen control system, which is tortuously difficult to master and far too complicated.

Space is massive and the middle row of seats offers good head and legroom, while the rear pair come up easily out of the boot floor.

Access to them through the side doors is a squeeze, but they have space enough for two adults, and they are perfect for children.

Equipment in the mid-range SE includes alarm, traction control, parking sensors, alloys, climate, cruise, and heated and electrically adjusted leather seats.

Pay about £19,000 for a '10 10-reg 3.0 TDI S-Line, £37,500 for a '15 65-reg SE with the same engine.


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