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BUILT in China and aimed at sales around the world, the new DS 9 saloon will head the DS Automobiles' range of upmarket cars.

Originally a spin off from the French Citroen brand, the DS range now comprises cars that share nothing in looks with the longer established stablemate as it pushes for prestige positioning in the car market.

Chinese car buyers love saloon cars, especially those with limo-like space in the rear and the new DS 9 aims to make back seat users as comfortable as those in the front.

With a long 2.90 metre wheelbase, the DS 9 claims generous space in the back seats, which are heated, cooled and massaging, a claimed first in the class.

The central armrest plays a part in the overall comfort, say the DS 9's makers, with features from segments above such as leather upholstery, storage areas with built-in USB ports, controls for the massaging seats and multi-coloured welcome lighting.

At first, the DS 9 will be offered with a new E-TENSE plug-in hybrid powertrain comprising a turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor combined to deploy 225 horsepower and capable of travelling between 25 and 31 miles in zero emissions mode courtesy of an 11.9kWh battery.

The electric motor, through an eight-speed automatic gearbox, is used for driving off from a standstill, boosting acceleration at any speed and for driving in zero emissions mode up to 84mph.

Electricmode is always automatically selected on start-up to maximise efficiency. It is complemented by a hybrid mode, designed to automatically control the different types of energy by driving 100 per cent electric, 100 per cent petrol or combining the two if the situation requires it.

The line-up will shortly be topped by two more E-TENSE power units - the first with 250hp, two-wheel drive plus increased range capability, and the second - a 360hp with an intelligent four-wheel drive transmission.

The DS 9 features active scan suspension, where a camera scans the road ahead and adjusts the setting of the suspension on each wheel to match conditions under the tyres.

Other features include night vision, with an infrared camera detecting pedestrians and animals in the road up to 100 metres ahead and LED headlights that adjust to driving in town, on country roads, motorways, poor weather and while parking.

Sales of the DS 9 will start in China in the second half of 2020 with other countries following.


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