Enyaq leads Skoda's

electric charge

Skoda Enyaq, 2020, front, action
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, front, static
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, side
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, front
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, rear, static
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, rear
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, Founders Edition badge
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, Crystal Face grille
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, display screen
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, dashboard
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, interior
Skoda Enyaq, 2020, charging

SKODA is joining the ranks of car makers producing an all-electric SUV with the unveiling of the Enyaq - the Czech auto manufacturer's second zero emission model.

Priced from £33,450 excluding the Government grant for low emission vehicles and with a single charge range of more than 300 miles the Enyaq is targeting the likes of the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the soon-to-arrive Volkswagen I.D. 4.

The Enyaq has just had its world premiere at an event in Skoda's home country's capital city Prague in the Czech Republic and the car is due for release in the UK early in 2021.

Two power set ups will be available and the Enyaq can be had either in rear-wheel-drive or 4x4 configurations.

The entry-level Enyaq 60 has a 62 kWh battery pack which develops 177bhp and has a range of 266 miles while the more powerful Enyaq 80 has an 82 kWh battery with 201bhp and can run for more than 310 miles on a single charge.

Recharging up to 80 per cent capacity is said to be capable in less than 40 minutes from a fast charging point and home charging will take between six and eight hours to replenish the batteries.

Top speed is said to be 100mph with 0 to 60 acceleration times in the region of 8.5 seconds for the initial line up of two-wheel-drive versions.

The all-wheel-drive variants will arrive later in the year and will use the higher powered battery to develop 262bhp in the Enyaq 80X and 302bhp in a sporty vRS model.

The vRS will be capable of topping out at 112mph with a faster 0 to 60 time of 6.2 seconds although its range is reduced to a claimed 287 miles.

A lower powered 50 kWh model will also be introduced with a 0 to 60 time of 11.4 seconds and a range of 212 miles.

The Enyaq 80 will be priced from £38,950 and the launch range will top out from £49,995 for a high specification Founders Edition model which has 21-inch wheels in place of the standard 19-inch rims, full leather upholstery and special front which includes an LED illuminated front grille which Skoda is calling a Crystal Face.

The car is about the same size as Skoda's Octavia hatch and is some 4.6 metres in length with a fair amount of boot space at 585 litres.

Although not as big a Skoda's large Kodiaq SUV, the Enyaq is a stylish SUV with angled cuts in the bodywork all round and pronounced air scoops at the front.

Inside there's a 13-inch central display screen in the middle of the dash and the Enyaq is hooked up to Skoda's latest connectivity and multimedia systems which includes full smartphone integration.

And Skoda has brought its Simply Clever devices up to date for the Enyaq with features such as a cleaner for the charging cable, a protective cap for the charging socket and a compartment for the charging cable under the boot floor.

A new centre console arranged over two levels provides plenty of space while the Enyaq still retains an ice scraper inside the car for use in wintry weather.

The Enyaq name keeps Skoda's tradition of ending its SUV models with a Q and the actual word comes from the Irish word enya which means source of life.

Skoda's electricfied vehicles have been given an iV classification by the company and the Enyaq joins the Citigo-e and plug-in versions of the Superb and Octavia.

The brand says it intends to have no fewer than 10 iV models in its portfolio within the next few years.


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