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Peugeot RCZ, front, action
Peugeot RCZ, side
Peugeot RCZ, rear
Peugeot RCZ, interior
Peugeot RCZ, boot

THE stunning Peugeot RCZ coupe drives as beautifully as it looks and will surely become an appreciating classic in the future.

I have driven both the 160bhp diesel and two of the petrols and they are all electrifying from behind the wheel.

Everyone will know you've arrived when you turn up in one of these, judging by the swivelling heads as I drove around my locality.

Earlier models had the ugly ‘gatemouth' grille Peugeot espoused in 2010, but a facelift in 2012 gave it a much better looking nose and grille along with other improvements that lasted until production ended in 2015.

The facelift also included extra standard equipment and much more available on the options list, some of which will probably have been included on secondhand cars.

The same range of two engines and four power outputs stayed constant throughout production. All are front wheel drive, and the petrol engines are all based on Peugeot's excellent 1.6 THP turbo.

This is available with 153, 200 and in the range topping R model, no less than 266bhp, offering 0 to 60 miles an hour in eight, 7.4 or a scorching 5.7 seconds respectively. Economy is in the 42 to 44mpg range for all.

There is also a 2.0-litre diesel HDI with 160bhp that bring s 60 up in 8.4 seconds and it rates at an excellent 54mpg.

Manual gearboxes are all six speed with excellent ratios and a slick 'change, and most models were also available with a six speed automatic.

The diesel has plenty of performance and amazing economy that pushes 47 miles per gallon in real driving.

But of course, the petrols are the performance masters of the range, with the upper two versions able to hold their own up against the vast majority of the coupe opposition.

Acceleration is good from rest, but through the gears out on the open road, these are marvellous cars to drive quickly and make any straight piece of road safe for overtaking.

The engines are smooth and refined and so is the ambiance on the inside with all apart from the R having a very good ride for a sportscar.

Handling and roadholding are also right out of the top drawer, with tremendous grip and marvellously tactile steering.

The ride is a little lumpy at lower speeds on rougher roads, but I could live with that for the marvellous exhilaration and fun.

The RCZ is basically a two seater, but there is a pair of small seats behind where one limber adult could sit across for a short journey or a couple of small children could be accommodated in their seats. And the boot is a very good size for a sportscar, helped by the front wheel drive layout.

As I said above, the equipment levels are very good straight out of the box, and include an alarm, parking sensors, cruise control, full electric pack, alloys, excellent seat and column adjustment, sports seats, traction control and climate.

Upper models and special editions add sat nav, leather and more.

Pay around £5,400 for a '13 13-reg 1.6 THP Sport, or £11,500 for a '16 16-reg RCZ R.


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