Black theme for BMW


BMW X5 and X6 Black Vermillion Edition, 2021, pair
BMW X6 Black Vermillion Edition, 2021, front, detail
BMW X5 Black Vermillion Edition, 2021, interior
BMW X7 Frozen Black Edition, 2021, front

SPECIAL versions of BMW's most popular X models are being released with a run of Black Vermillion and Frozen Black variants of the X5, X6 and X7.

Production will be restricted to 50 units across the UK and Ireland and the cars feature exclusive kidney bars with red signatures while the BMW X7 M50i Frozen Black Edition combines someoptions into an exclusive package.

In 2020, one in eight new BMW model delivered was a BMW X5, X6 or X7 with 250,000 units sold worldwide.

The focus of the Black Vermilion edition models is the use of black as the dominant theme for the exterior and interior.

A similar theme is used on the BMW X7 M50i Frozen Black edition which includes a special paint finish, grey 22-inch alloy wheels and BMW Laser lights, an M Sport exhaust system, sun-protection glass and high-gloss M Sport brake callipers.

Prices for the special models will be announced closer to their release date and they are expected to be available from September.


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