Rare Bentley

Mulsannes released

Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner, 2021, front
Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner, 2021, side
Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner, 2021, rear
Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner, 2021, rear seats
Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner, 2021, interior
Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner, 2021, rear, interior

FIVE examples of one of the rarest cars Bentley has produced are being put on the market six years after they were built.

The Mulsanne Grand Limousines by Mulliner were all hand-built in 2015 and shipped to the United Arab Emirates but were never used or registered.

When the car went out of production last year it carried a price tag of £241,000.

The Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner features a 1,000 mm stretch to the body as well as a raised roof to provide an additional 79 mm of headroom in the rear.

Originally created as a private commission, Bentley Mulliner was given consent to build a limited run of cars and five of these have now become available for purchase through Bentley's retail partner in the United Arab Emirates, Bentley Emirates, with delivery anywhere in the world.

The stretched model sits on a chassis and suspension that were specially re-engineered by Bentley.

Power comes from Bentley's iconic 6¾-litre twin turbo V8 engine, with 505bhp and and the cars sit on 21-inch wheels which match the car's exterior paintwork.

Even the stainless steel Flying ‘B' bonnet mascot is a bespoke commission with its plinth engraved with the words: ‘Coachbuilt by Mulliner'.

All the cars feature a custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with two discrete zones, to provide each of the four rear passengers control of their own micro-climates, without affecting the experience of their travelling companions.

Among the many additional bespoke digital features, the limousines are equipped with an intercom system for communication with the driver.

The interior division between the front seats and the rear features electrochromic ‘smart glass', the first time the technology was used in a Bentley. At the touch of a button, the entire panel can be switched from transparent to opaque, for complete privacy.

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