Sleek looks for new

Citroen e-C4 X

Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, front
Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, side
Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, rear
Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, interior
Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, display screen
Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, charging
Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, rear seats
Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, rear lights
Citroen e-C4 X, 2022, boot

FASTBACK styling is coming to Citroen's all-electric e-C4 line up with the reveal of an X model which will be arriving early in 2023.

It follows the design of the soon-to-arrive and larger C5 X model and is likely to be priced from around £35,000.

Citroen says the e-C4 X will have a range of up to 223 miles on a full charge and the car has a powertrain which develops 136bhp giving a 0 to 62mph acceleration time of 7.2 seconds and a top speed of 93mph.

Recharging to 80 per cent capacity takes 30 minutes from a fast charger while a full charge from a home-mounted wallbox will take around seven-and-a-half hours.

The e-C4 X is almost an inch longer than the standard e-C4 Citroen released last year and although the newcomer has a similar wheelbase, boot capacity is significantly larger at 510 litres with all seats in use.

At the rear the X model has a different-style which features a boot-like opening rather than a tailgate and includes a spoiler below the back window with a new design to the LED lamp clusters.

A new infotainment system similar to that on the C5 X is fitted and comes with full voice control that can be used with eight profiles and two smartphones.

The e-C4 X also comes with four USB sockets for phone or tablet charging and the car features Citroen's Advanced Comfort suspension and seating system as well as a head-up display.


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