Volkswagen ID.3 Max

Pro Performance

58kWh 204ps

Volkswagen ID.3, 2022, front, action
Volkswagen ID.3, 2022, front
Volkswagen ID.3, 2022, front, action
Volkswagen ID.3, 2022, front, static
Volkswagen ID.3, 2022, rear
Volkswagen ID.3, 2022, side
Volkswagen ID.3, 2022, interior
Volkswagen ID.3, 2022, tail

THE ID.3 was the first of Volkswagen's ID ‘family' of all-electric cars to hit the market.

As a Golf-sized family hatch, it's incredibly important to the VW brand.

Like the Golf, it's a five-door, five-seat hatchback, with a boot at the back but, instead of a petrol or diesel engine up front, it comes with an electric motor driving the rear wheels.

Stylish looking, it's 135mm shorter than the Golf, a tad wider and a little taller. However, like the Golf, it's great around town, but roomy enough for family trips further afield.

The rear-mounted electric motor is available in either 143bhp, 148bhp or 201bhp guise. Volkswagen calls the 58kWh battery and 201bhp motor set-up, Pro Performance, while a 77kWh version is named Pro S.

The 201bhp, 310Nm electric motor provides more than enough power to make swift progress and there's the typical instant acceleration that comes with pure electric drive. There's oodles of grip and the steering is very responsive.

The suspension is also well sorted, taking on the UK's somewhat unloved Tarmac with real assurance. Only the largest of potholes cause any consternation. Visibility is good thanks to the large windows and front screen.

There's also three driving modes - Eco, Normal and Sport, which I find a bit pointless in an all-electric car. Just leave it in Normal or, if you really want the extra few miles, Eco. On the move, it calm and quietly refined.

Officially, the mid-spec 58kWh version can cover up to 258 miles on a single charge but let's remember there are several factors which can affect that - heat, cold, passengers, luggage, roof boxes - the list goes on.

During my time with the ID.3, I did a 260-mile round trip from Plymouth to Bristol and back. I charged it for an hour before I left, and an almost an hour for the return leg. We've still got some way to go.

Inside the ID.3 cabin, there's a modern, minimalist digital set-up that suits VW's move towards an all-electric line-up.

The level of standard equipment is good with all cars including LED headlights, built-in satnav, wireless smartphone charging, an easy to use 10-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, front and rear parking sensors, keyless start, climate control and heated front seats.

Moving up the range brings a combination of equipment packs which add kit such as a panoramic sunroof, a rear-view camera and an upgraded audio system.

The ID.3 feels much roomier than a Golf and cinema-style seating gives rear-seat passengers a nice view ahead. Because of its flat floor, it will easily accommodate five adults but four would be more comfortable.

It comes with a decent 385-litre boot capacity, which increases to 1,297 if you fold the rear seats.

Families will appreciate that the ID.3 achieved a full five-star rating when tested by. Standard safety kit includes automatic emergency braking with cyclist and pedestrian monitoring, a driver fatigue alert system, a dynamic traffic sign display, lane assist, adaptive cruise control and a swerve support function which helps with steering inputs when attempting to avoid a collision.


Volkswagen ID.3 Max Pro Performance 58kWh 204ps


Mechanical:201bhp, electric engine driving rear wheels via a direct drive single speed gearbox

Max Speed:99mph

0-62mph: 7.3seconds

Combined MPG:258 miles

Insurance Group:30

C02 emissions:0g/km

Bik rating: 2%

Warranty: 3yrs/60,000miles

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