Citroen boosts

PHEVs' business


Citroen C5 Aircross PHEV, 2022, front
Citroen C5 Aircross PHEV, 2022, rear
Citroen C5X PHEV, 2022, front
Citroen C5X PHEV, 2022, charging
Citroen C5X PHEV, 2022, rear
Citroen PHEV badge, 2022

CITROEN is making updates to the plug-in hybrid variants of the new C5 X and the C5 Aircross SUVs.

The changes see the vehicles electric-only range increased to 41 miles which for the C5 Aircross a drop in BiK taxation bands from 12 to eight per cent.

This reduces the cost to a 40 per cent taxpayer by almost £47 per month in the 2022-25 period. The electric range of the C5 X increases to 39 miles.

The updated C5 Aircross PHEV adopts a new-generation battery pack - which increases power from 13.2kWh to 14.2kWh - emitting only 29g/km of CO2.

With the C5 X PHEV versions, the battery pack is unchanged at 12.4kWh but the switch-over to the Euro 6.4 standard improves the battery's minimum charge threshold. This increases the vehicle's electric-only range, whilst reducing emissions - down to 27g/km of CO2.

Both models can be charged in less than two hours with a 7.4kW charger, and form part of Citroen's plan to offer an electrified variant of all models by 2025.

Available in Sense Plus, Shine and Shine Plus trims, the plug-in hybrid variants are priced from £36,720.

The new C5 Aircross is available in Sense Plus, Shine or C-Series Edition trims, with plug-in hybrid versions available from £35,935.


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